Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TheBlueLionBoutique on Etsy!

I received a few different items from a store by the name of TheBlueLionBoutique

The first item is a turtle necklace. 
Which I am absoultley in love with. As soon as I got it. I put it right on and couldn't even wait. It's just a basic simple necklace but I absoultley love it. The turtle has one big stone in the middle which is really pretty. It feels pretty sturdy and so does the chain. I think this is going to last me a long time.
Retails: ($10.00)

The next items I got is a decorate mason jars. Mason jars are very popular right now tons of people are using them for decor peices all around there house because there's so much different uses for them and there are so many different ways to decorate them to have them match any decor. The one I received is black with gold glitter. I plan on using this for my makeup brushes on top of vanity and I'm super excited for! She did a beautiful job decorating this mason jar with the glitter, it looks so pretty! She also sells different types on mason jars in her shop and they are all so pretty!
Retails: ($9.50)

The last and final item I received and that is my beyond favorite is a Tye Dye shirt. 
I've always been a fan of tye dye shirts and everytime I try to make one I always epically fail at it lol. This one is perfect and looks like you would have bought it at a store. I'm super excited to wear this.
This shirt is also my favorite color scheme which is awesome! She also has a wide selction of these in her shop as well!

Make sure you check out her shop
She sells all kinds of different items including paintings and pillows!

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