Tuesday, August 4, 2015

CozyCustomCandles on Etsy!

I received a few different candle like samples today from a store on Etsy by the name of CozyCustomCandles
I received 2 wax tarts samples and one tea light sample. 
The first wax tart scent I received is in the scent jellybean which smells exactly like a jelly bean it smells so delicious I could just eat it (which I don't recommend) lol. The jellybean scent is super strong and sweet which is my favorite!
Retails:( 6 melts for $4.00)

The next wax tart sample I received is in the scent cucumber melon which is one of my favorite scents ever. It's super fruity and sweet and smells so good.
Retails:( 6 melts for $4.00)
The tea light candle I received is in the scent Salted Caramel which is sooooo good I can't get over how great this candle is definitely will be re-purchasing this candle after I burn this one up. 
Retails:( 6 for $6.00)

The wax melts are perfect for any type of warmer. I personally use mine in my Scentsy and it works perfectly

All of these candle products I received are super strong in scent and super powerful. She sells lots of different scents I'm sure you would be able to find the perfect scent for yourself. 
In my package she also included a hand written letter where she told me about how she will soon be offering a monthly subscription box, and her upcoming Halloween scents that will be in for fall! I'm super excited to try out some more of her products
I highly recommend you checking her shop out, her prices are very reasonably priced.

Check her shop out!

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