Tuesday, August 4, 2015

DarlingDesignsByDc on Etsy!

I received some bath bombs from an etsy shop by the name of DarlingDesignsByDc
In my package I received 2 different scents. One is birthday cake and the other one is marshmallow
Before I even open them I could smell them through the package. The scents are super strong and smell great

 The birthday cake one is probably my favorite one. Birthday cake is one of my favorite scents in general and it smells just like it and that's for sure. It also has little sprinkles in the bomb which is super adorable. 
Retails: ($1.99)
The marshmallow one smells similar in my opinion to the birthday cake one. They are both super sweet scents which are my favorite. Anything that smells like a delicious desert is for me lol
Retails: ($1.99)
The bath bombs at Lush are sooooo outrageously expensive and in my opinion I can never find a good sweet scent there. These by far are so much better. I do have to admit they are a bit smaller then your typical bath bomb but that's fine considering how much of a powerful scent is trapped inside one of these.  She also makes a few different scents in these bath bombs that I really want to check out.I highly recommend trying these out and seeing which scent is your favorite!

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