Monday, November 16, 2015

FourSeasonsSieraden On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a pretty cool product from shop on Etsy by the name of FourSeasonsSieraden

She sent me this pretty cool customizable snap bracelet. I have seen these a few other places, but I really like the look of this bracelet that she chose to send for the review. This isn't a very big bracelet i'ts actually pretty small. So this is piece of jewelry you could use to stack with other pieces that you wear from day to day. I love how you open and close this bracelet. You simple put the loop around the piece that is elevated with the charm on it and goes around it perfectly. It's actually really easy to put on and off which is nice as well, because I hate when you have a bracelet and you need to ask someone to put on for you, its probably one of my biggest pet peeves lol


As you can see these little charms are just like buttons. You just snap it and Boom you are done. They are very easy to pop in and out of the bracelet which is pretty cool, because you can swap the little charms in and out from time to time when you get bored with the current one that you are wearing.

So with this bracelet she included to little snap in charms, the first one is the really cute cheetah print. Anyone who knows me knows that I love cheetah print lol. I have it everywhere and so it will continue with my jewelry now as well lol.

The next one is this super blinged out rhinestone one. This one has small pink rhinestones over the entire thing. Its gorgeous and I love the way to sparkles in the light. I actually have been wearing this charm the most and I was worried when picking this one, that I would have to worry about the little rhinstones out, and I haven't had any fall out and I have been wearing this quite a lot lately lol, these rhinestones are really stuck in there so you really have no reason to worry about loosing one of them.

Overall I'd say I'm super impressed with the quality of this bracelet, this is bracelet that I wil be wearing it pretty much everyday and I love the fact that you change it from time to time, or make it perfect for a certain outfit.

These would be great gifts for any female, you personalize it to their own liking which is pretty cool :)

I highly recommend checking this shop out
Check it out here:

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