Wednesday, October 28, 2015

JaniceGiftsandDesign On Etsy Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received an ornament to review for you guys from a shop on Etsy by the name of JaniceGiftsandDesign 

She sent me this gorgeous Mickey Mouse ornament for a Christmas tree to review for all of you all. This is a ceramic tile hand painted ornament.  The ornament it self is really good quality. The type of ceramic she used is super durable and doesn't feel like it's going to break easily. I'ts actually pretty thick.


As you can see from this angle this is a pretty solid ornament. The sides she hand painted red. I think that was the perfect color to choose just because all the small details, and little accents are all red as well. You can probably tell from the pictures but this tile that she used to make the ornament it really smooth and has a beautiful gloss finish to it.

This design of the actual Mickey Mouse is a vinyl decal, or sticker whichever you prefer to call it. Inside the decal is where she hand painted everything. This was really well done and super beautiful. I love how this is a pretty simple design for an ornament but it's still really cute as well. I love how she went back in and painted some smaller parts of the designs it really makes it stand out really nicely.

She painted the entire back of the ornament and attached it to a gorgeous red ribbon. I really love the shape of this ornament. It remind me of like an old school spinning top.

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you all know that I make a big deal about packaging and how things come in the mail say a lot about that shop, and they really do. This ornament came in the mail in a small box that fit this perfectly. I was amazed by the packaging that she actually sends these out in boxes, which keeps them really protected. It came in perfect condition!

I think these would make gifts for anyone, she doesn't have this one listed in her shop yet. That just makes me think she could make pretty much anything.

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