Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SouthernEscentuals On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I recieved some soap samples from a shop on Etsy by the name of SouthernEscentuals

She sent me two sample sizes of her popular soaps, Watermelon and Cotton Blossom.

The first one I am going to review is the watermelon one. I was most excited to try this out because that it one of my all time favorite soaps of all time. I immediately went to wash my hands after opening this package lol. I was kinda disappointed when I opened the bag and took this out and smelled it for the first time. It didn't really smell like watermelon at all. I thought that maybe once I used it a few times maybe the scent would get better, but it didn't really. I mean it doesn't smell bad or anything it just didn't smell like watermelons to me. I did however really like this formula in the soap. It made my hands really clean feelings and super soft as well. I do like how she made this look just like a watermelon piece. It really is really cute, this would look adorable laying in a soap dish.

Retails:( $4.00 for full size)

Next up we have a sample size of the Cotton Blossom soap. I was excited to try this one as well. I am a huge lover of all kinds of soaps lol. I tried this one later on in the day and I actually enjoyed the scent of this one really enjoyable. This one smelled like clean laundry which just smells fresh and clean. I found it very surprising that I liked this one better. As far at the formula goes with this one I would say there the same, and I really enjoyed this one. This one isn't designed into a cool unique shape this one on is just s plain piece of soap, which is okay I still really liked it.

Retails:($4.00 for full size)

I also might have a feelings that maybe because both of these soaps were packaged together, the scent of the cotton one really over powered the watermelon one. Just because when I opened the bag that is all that I could really smell. I could be wrong though.... who knows.

These would be great gifts for anyone, you could make a really nice gift basket out of some of these products :)

Make sure you check this shop out here:

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