Thursday, May 5, 2016

Best Personalized Jewelry! Review

Best Personalized Jewelry
Hey everyone! For today's review I have another really exciting jewelry piece to share with all of you. The store I will be sharing with all of you today is called This is a pretty awesome store to be honest with all of you. Not only do they sell some gorgeous jewelry pieces, each piece is also really customizable, which is unbelievable.
The piece I will be sharing with all of you today is a necklace and I got custom just for myself. First I need to talk about the packaging for this company. The necklace came in this pretty lavender box, which instantly impressed me. I love when you order jewelry and it comes in a nice box, call me simple but that's an important part for me. it assures that the company take their time when shipping out their products and that they care about making their customers happy. I do have to say that this box is pretty darn adorable as well.

I was given the opportunity to review a necklace for you all. I had a very tough time picking out which necklace I wanted to review, they have a lot that are really similar. I decided to go with this one because I just loved the font of the words, and I just thought it looked really nice. Of course for the personalization I had to go with something Disney of course! Written on this necklace is "Disney Freak" which is so true it is not even funny. To say the least I am pretty in love with this necklace.

They have so many necklaces to choose from, with so many options to pick from as well. They have so many different metals, chains, and even chain lengths. The necklace that I am showing all of you is sterling silver on a box chain that is 18 inches long, all of these details were perfect for me. I love silver jewelry and it is all that I wear. I seen the picture of the box chain and thought it was pretty, and nothing like what  I currently own already  in my jewelry collection. I also thought 18 inches for the length of the chain was pretty perfect as well. It's not too long, and it's not too short either.
Overall I'd say I had a great experience with this company. They make some gorgeous pieces, and I love how customizable they really are. I highly suggest checking this company out of yourself and finding the perfect jewelry piece for you! The necklace I received is really high quality and feels really sturdy like it will last me a while. I am so in love with this piece, and have been wearing it pretty religiously sense I received it in the mail. Every time I wear it I get so much attention about this piece and everyone just loves how different it is. I really suggest checking this site out!

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