Wednesday, April 6, 2016

PoochPerks! Subscription Box Review

Pooch Perks

For today's review I will be doing an unboxing of a monthly subscription service called PoochPerks. This is a box dedicated to your fur babies! This is a box that comes right to your door each month and it contains things your dogs will love such as toys, and treats too! This subscription box is pretty cool because it has a few ways that you can customize it just for your dog. First you can pick the size of your dog, so that the treats and toys are the perfect size for your pooch! You can also select how many dogs you have so you don't have to worry about one of your pups feeling left out from all the fun. So let's take a closer look at what's inside my PoochPerks box this month.

As you can tell from the photo below this box came pretty well wrapped. The box itself is a lot bigger in size than I was originally expected. Also the box itself is a little on the thicker side so you don't have to worry about this box getting damaged in any way. I also love how neat they packed the boxes, they really look nice which is another thing that is extremely important to me.

Wow look at all the stuff hiding inside the box. This is a lot more then I originally thought was be inside one of these boxes.

Excuse the white girl in me but oh my gosh! Look at this toy! It looks like a Starbucks coffee! I am obsessed lol. This is probably the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life lol. I am loving this and I know that my pup will love it too. It also is super soft, and has a squeaker inside of it as well.

Next up we have a package of treats. This is by the brand Pet Chef, I have never heard of this brand before. These are pretty cool because they are an all natural treat which is nice. Sometimes I get nervous on giving my dog treats and I know I wont have to worry about these because they wont cause her any harm. The flavor of these is called "My Heart Beets For You". The ingredients for these treats is ground chicken, beets, apple and kale. All really natural ingredients. I am really excited to give these to her and see how

Next we have another dog toy, and this one is just  as adorable as the last one. This says Chewy Vuiton. I am just going to assume this is suppose to be an imitation for Louis Vuiton lol. I am obsessed with this one too. I love how adorable this is and the fact that they added the checkerboard print to it too. I have to say both of the toys are extremely soft and feel pretty durable and like they might actually be around for a while.

Next we have a product called "My Dog Nose it". This is a pretty much a sunblock for your dogs nose, and other sensitive skin areas your pup might have like their ears. I have never thought about using a product like this before, in fact I didn't even think something like even existed. I think this is something that is really important for your dogs. I know for a fact this will be put to good use just because I am always outside and so is my dog, they call it the Sunshine state for a reason.

Next up we have another treat by the brand Wet Noses. This is another brand I haven't heard of before. This is an all organic dog treat which is pretty cool. This is in the flavor Berry Blast. These look a little different then your typical dog treats. Each treat is in a bar form, so you can easily break it apart if you only want to give your pup a little taste.

Next we have another product by the same brand which is Wet Noses. This is another treat for your dog. This one is in the flavor Agave and Pear. This is another all organic treat. This treat is full of vitamin C and full of antioxidants as well. These treats also contain no eggs or dairy which is really nice because those aren't the best ingredients for dogs anyways. This is a pretty big package of these treats which is really nice too because I'm sure my dog will be loving these!

The last thing in my box is called Lick O rish Chews and these are in a strawberry flavor. I must admit I opened these up and I was amazed with the scent of them. I almost wanted to try them myself but decided to go against that because it is dog food lol. I think these are pretty cool, because its not everyday you find treats like these. In fact I don't think I have ever found any dog treat that was in a strawberry flavor before.

As you can see she couldn't wait either. I think she really enjoyed the smell of these ones too which was fun because she wouldn't stop smelling them haha. She did eat one though and I'm pretty sure she liked them :)

My overall impression of this box is really great. I think this is such a fun and creative way to bring some joy your dog. My dog was so excited when we sat down and opened this box together. Everything in this box will be put to use and it's truly worth the price. All the treats that were inside are super safe which makes me feel really happy. I am in love with this subscription and so is my pup! I think this is a great way to bond with your dog! I suggest trying it out.

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