Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Skin Deva! Review

Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog. Today I will be reviewing a skin care type product for all of you. This is by the brand called Skin Deva. This is a brand I haven't heard much about, so I wanted to get my own opinion on this product. Skin care products are probably one of my favorite types of reviews that I do on my blog. I love finding some great products, and I truly have high hopes for this one as well. On their online store there are really so many different types of serums and other products that they sell. I would have a hard time picking which one to try first. Lucky for me the friendly people over at Skin Deva did that job for me and picked out a product that they wanted to me to try out. The product I will be giving a full review on is called "20% VITAMIN C+E + FERULIC ACID SERUM"
There are truly a lot of amazing benefits of this product such as giving you a glow to your skin, freshens your skin, builds collagen, and exfoliates your skin. This product pretty much does it all which is really cool. I am always trying to find products that have a few benefits out of using them because I hate have so many different products, and this sounds like it will do a lot for my face.

I also really like how all the ingredients in this product are really pure. There is nothing in this product that will hurt, or irritate your skin which is really important to me. I have really sensitive skin, so finding products that wont irate my skin can be rather challenging at times. The instructions for using this product is really easy to. You simply wash your face before using this product and then you apply several drops (depending how much product you want) in your hands and then massage  on  to your skin, and then you are good to go. It also says on the package is recommends you to keep this in a cold place, so I did place this in my refrigerator before using it.

First let's talk about the overall packaging and then we will get on with the actual review of the product. I have to say I am loving the packaging. I love products that have a little dropper for packaging because it really helps you put in control how much product you use which is extremely helpful. I also like how these come in boxes too because these are glass bottles so this adds a little more safety when being shipped to you. I used this product right out of my fridge in the morning right after I woke up and I must say I love how this made my skin feel. It did make me feel extremely refreshed and it really hydrated my skin too. I love the fact that this product has no scent as all.  I think it really did give my skin a "glow". I used this product for a few days back to back and I really did enjoy using it. I think for my own personal preference I think this product works best to me when applied in the morning when I am getting ready for my day, because it helps wake me up a little bit. I didn't find this product to be as beneficial when applying this before bedtime, but that just could be me.

I really did enjoy this product, and I think I will continue to use this until I run out of it. I think this product is great because it has so many benefits in using it which is really great. I really suggest checking out this online store and having a little look at the types of products that they offer. I can assure you that will find something that you need in your life lol.

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