Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ThimblePress Review!

Hi Everyone! Today I will be taking a closer look at some products from an online store called Thimble Press. I am truly blessed to have found this shop while browsing online. I am in love with so many products that are for sale on this site. They have such a wide range of products too which is pretty cool. They have products such as greeting cards, notebooks, calendars, wall d├ęcor, tote bags and so many other fun and cute things! I am really excited to get into the review. They sent me a wide range of products and I am pretty excited to share them all with you all.

I figured I would start this blog post off with a bang by reviewing the biggest item first. This is one of their tote bags that they have listed on their site. They have a few other designed listed on the website too. The design that I received is this adorable pattern with red lips. This image is printed right on to the bag, and I can tell that is was done really nicely. The image feels really secured to the bag which I know a lot of you probably have some concerns about. I love how durable this bag feels too. I must admit that this is probably one of the most sturdy bags that I own.

Online it says that the fabric used to make this tote is a durable cotton cloth material. In my opinion this feels a lot like canvas. So you can just imagine how thick the bag really is. The measurements for this tote bag is 20″ x 15″. I think my favorite part about this bag in general is that it is machine washable which is extremely helpful. It's hard to find bags that are in fact machine washable and this is nice! It also says online that you must only wash these totes in cold water. If you do decide to purchase one of these adorable totes for yourself make sure you follow those instructions because I a sure that will help keep the life of your bag a little longer :)

I didn't think it was too necessary for me to share this piece with you but I decided to share it anyways because of how adorable it is. This is the note that was inside my package from Thimble Press and I have to say it's way to adorable not to share with you guys.

At this time I do want to thank everyone at Thimble Press for sending me these items to review for the blog! I love everything so far including the little note that was inside. I plan on using this somewhere in my room, I love the small pop of pink color in this picture.

The next two items we will be looking at are adorable greeting cards. Each card is indivually wrapped and has its own matching envelope which is nice as well, these are on the smaller size so finding an envelope for these would probably be a huge pain, so  have no worries because it was all done for you :)


On the site this card is called "Florida orange blossom gold foil card". The design for this card is gorgeous as you can tell it is all white with gold foil detailing. The actual design is pretty creative. It is the shape of the state of Florida and inside the state is the state flower for Florida which is the orange blossom. I thought this was pretty appropriate considering I live in Florida.  I think that the gold details on the front looks really nice against the white card. I think it's a little on the plain side which is really nice too.

The next card we will be taking a look at has "Best Day Ever" printed on the front of it. This card is a lot different from the previous one that I shared with you all. This is more on the colorful side and I really like it. This card also comes with an envelope too. I really like how you can buy these card by themselves or if you really like a design of one you can purchase a box of 8 of them.

I think my favorite part about both of these cards is that the inside of each of them is blank. So you can really use both of these cards for any occasion which is cool. The fact that there is no writing in the inside also gives you the opportunity to write a longer message which is really cool too. I write pretty big so it's always hard for me to write inside cards because I always end up running out of room. I wont have to worry about that with these.

The last thing that we will be looking at is called "The original push-pop confetti". This is such a cute product and I have seen nothing quite like this before. Pretty much what this product does is once you push the top up all the confetti inside will pop out and fly around everywhere. I love the one that I received all the confetti at the top of pop is super colorful and really bright. This would be a great product for all kinds of celebrations. I think this is such a cute idea and I am sure they are a lot of fun to use. They have so many different types of these listed on their site as well, even some for a gender reveal party! That would be so adorable!


Overall I am impressed with the online store. All of their products are adorable and really well made. I can't pick a favorite item because I loved all the ones I received. If your looking for anything that falls into the category of adorable stuff lol. I suggest checking them out! All the products I received are really well made too which is also really important. I think this is a site you could spend hours on looking at all of their products. I am amazed with how much is really listed on this site too!

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