Friday, April 1, 2016

Uqora! Review

I will reviewing a product by the company Uqora. This is something a little different from what I usually have on my blog and I am so excited to share this great product with you. Allow me to explain this product to you. Uqora is a company that strives to promote healthy urinary health, so they came up with this product. This a drink mix that you use in your water and it's suppose to help prevent you from getting UTI's. I have never had any problems in the past, but I have heard from different people that it isn't a pleasant experience and it can be serious. I know people that suffer from UTI's quite frequently so it's nice to think that there might be a product out there that can help people who have issues with it.
Uqora is a product designed to fight off bacteria which is pretty cool. Inside one box it contains 10 packets. The cool thing about this product is that you don't need to drink it everyday to get the full effect of the product. You can drink this at times when you think are most likely to get a UTI, for example like right after you are off of your period, or after you have sex
The packets inside this box are in the flavor pink lemonade which isn't my favorite to be honest, but the fact that it's pink makes it a little better lol. These are really easy to use, you simply just add this to a glass of water and then you are good to go!
For the sake of this review I decided to try this product out for myself and get the full effect. Like I mentioned earlier I am not really a fan of pink lemonade but I kept an open mind when trying this out. I thought it tasted just like any other lemonade I have tried before I didn't think it tasted much different which was something I was little worried about.  I was pretty surprised to be honest with the taste, I didn't think it was awful but it really wasn't amazing either. The taste isn't the most important factor of this product either. Taste is just an extra bonus point lol.

Some additional information on Uqora found on there website hat I thought I would include for you guy to read through:
"Uqora is a health supplement, not a medication. All of Uqora's active ingredients are natural and recognized as safe by the U.S.'s Food and Drug Administration"
"Uqora's active ingredients have been studied in numerous randomized clinical trials demonstrating subjects were 4 times less likely to contract a UTI when engaged in high risk activity."

I love the whole idea behind this product and love how simply this product is to use. I am not a big fan of curing things with pills and this is a much better alternative. I highly recommend this product to people who get reoccurring UTI's or even people like me who don't necessarily get them at all. I think this product will help you from continuing down the path from getting them as well.
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