Friday, April 1, 2016

Jewelry by Justine! Review

Hi Everyone, I have another jewelry review for all of you today! Today we will be getting a closer look at an online jewelry store by the name of Jewelry By Justine. I discovered this shop on instagram and instantly fell in love with everything that was posted on their page. The shop owner told me she would be sending me a piece to review, and when this arrived on my door step I was super excited because this was my favorite piece that was listed on their webpage!
First before we get into the review of the actual jewelry piece we have to discuss the packaging and how it was sent to me. I was impressed with the super fast shipping first of all.  By the time we talked I felt like this arrived just a few days after which was pretty nice as well. It arrived in an adorable little box, and then the necklace itself was in a bag to help keep it more secure. I love when jewelry is shipping in boxes like these, because I usually end up hanging on to them for either myself later down the road, or when you have gifts to give that are jewelry items. I also put them in boxes because it makes them look so much nicer, so it's always good to have a few of these empty boxes laying around, you never know when you might need one!

Inside each package that you receive from Jewelry by Justine you will also receive a little paper on the care instructions which is extremely helpful. I also purchase my jewelry online and I never know how to clean it. Especially when it doesn't come with the instructions. Cleaning jewelry makes me nervous in general because I always think I am going to mess something up lol. I can reassure myself that with this one I wont mess it up because it came with instructions :)

This is the item I was sent to review as you can see this is a pineapple necklace and I am so in love! Jewelry by Justine has a few different pineapple necklaces listed on their site for sale but this one is called "MAMA PINA NECKLACE". This is the biggest pineapple one for sale and I think its perfect. Pineapples are my favorite fruit ever, and having them be so adorable just gives me another reason to why there my favorite lol. I love this piece because it really screams summer time, which is something I absolutely cant wait for. Living in Florida I love having pieces that are in the tropical category because these are pretty perfect to wear year long.

Here is a close up of the actual pendant it self. I know it's probably hard to tell from this picture, but this pineapple isn't solid which is something else I really like about it. It has small holes throughout the piece, which makes this super lightweight and really comfy in wearing. I hate wearing jewelry that is big and chunky and this is so not! I would consider this to be more of delicate. Delicate necklace are really in style right now as well.  I am typically not a huge fan of gold and I never wear it but in this case I love it! I actually don't think I would like this necklace in silver. I think the gold is just beautiful and really makes the pineapple pop!

The description for this item on the website is:
"14k gold-filled chain. Mama pina is vermeil which is 14k gold plated over sterling silver. Length is 20"
You don't have to worry about this turning your neck green, or getting yucky which is a huge plus as well. I love the length of the necklace as well. I think the 20 inch chain is perfect for pretty much anyone. It isn't too long and it isn't too short either. I think most people would be happy with the length of this chain too. I am pretty in love with this piece and think this is a high quality jewelry piece. I have been wearing it for a few days and haven't taken it off, and I'm pretty surprised with how well it's holding up! I will definitely be wearing this a lot during the summer and that's for sure!
I highly suggest checking this online store out for yourself. I'm almost certain you will find something that you can't live without. There are so many gorgeous pieces you will fall in love with!

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