Friday, April 1, 2016

Lip Monthly! Subscription Review

This review for today is going to be all about another Monthly Subscription Service. The one I will be discussing with all of you today is called Lip Monthly and this is a company I have worked with before in the past. Incase you missed the past review about this subscription service allow me to explain how it works for only ($12.95) you will receive 4-5 full sizes lip products in a makeup bag that is valued to be between $35-$55 which is crazy! They also have deals on their webpage if your interested in subscribing for a few months you can get a cheaper rate which is awesome. I think lip products are my favorite beauty products and I use them daily so really I can never have enough of them and I am such a huge fan of trying new stuff out too so this is perfect for me!
Each month inside your bag there will be a card that looks similar to this one that will list all the products that came inside your bag along with a price for the value of each product you received as well. I always check with this back at the end because I really like being surprised to see what's in my bag each month. So let's take a peek and see what I got!
The first product is a lip-gloss and this is by the brand Camilla which is brand I have never heard of before this product retails for $14 so just right here you already have your bag paid for just by the first product!

As you can see this a gorgeous color. This is probably my favorite color, as far as lip products go. I also tend to wear colors that are really similar to this one. I am super excited to try this one out and tell you all what I think about it. This gloss smelt amazing. It smelt just like fruits and it did smell pretty delicious to be honest lol.

Next up we have another product by the same brand which is Camilla. This product is a lipstick and this one retails for $14 as well. I must say I am a fan on how both of these products come inside little boxes. It makes it look a lot nicer.

This is the same color as the lip-gloss and it is gorgeous! I am really loving this color. I am really excited to see what this color is going to look like on. I must say the packaging for this lipstick is pretty nice as well. I love the chrome accents on the tube. It adds a lot to this product.

Next we have a product by the brand Cargo, this is another brand I have never heard of before but I am excited to try it out and see how I like this product. I love the packaging for this one. It comes in a small tin which is adorable. This product retails for $10
Well this product caught me completely off gaud. I was expecting a lip balm to be inside but nope they decided to switch it up a little. This a blush and bronzer in a duo. I love how tiny this product it. this makes it perfect for travel or even for just putting it in your purse.

The last product in my bag for this month is by the brand Ecolips, this is their ecotints lip balm and the one that I received is in sugar plum. This product retails for $3.49
As you can see this product looks a little different then your average lip balm. I love the shape of this product as you can see its not round like most lip balms are. I would say this is a little on the oval side. I must say this makes it a lot easier in applying sense your lips are more like this shape, compared to round. I thought this product smelt amazing, it really has a nice mint scent to it.

I decided to include some swatches for you all you can see what the lip products look like once they are applied to the skin.
The first swatch is the gloss, as you can see this is the most pigmented product that I got. This was just with one swatch of the wand on my hand. I was quite shocked to see how well this showed up.
In the middle is the lipstick which you can see is pretty as well. I would say this is a lipstick you could easily build up if you want a more dramatic look or you can just leave it like this for more of an everyday look.
The last swatch is the lip balm. As you can see this is a darker color. I would say this is a good tint to your lips and would be perfect if you don't really want to wear much. I was kind surprised to see that this product had some color to it. For some reason I was expecting it to go on clear, but this just makes it better lol.

As you can see I really got my money's worth in this months bag. I am highly impressed with this bag and I love all the products that I received this month.

Make sure you check this subscription service out for yourself. I am sure you will be in love with it just like I am.

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