Friday, April 1, 2016

Spartan Carton Subscription Review!

I have another exciting subscription service review for all of you today. The box I will be taking a closer look at today is called Spartan Carton. This a box dedicated to those people who love eating healthy and for those who work out. This website offers two different boxes to choose from. The citizen box is $25 a month and in this box you will receive 10-15 consumable food items, 3 work out, and 3 food recipes. The other box is called the warrior box and this one is $75 a month, this box will come with everything you would receive in the citizen box and in addition you will also get some work out gear, which could include gloves, resistant bands or other products. I am so incredibly grateful that I was sent the Warrior box to review for all of you today so lets get  closer look at what's hiding inside my box!

Right away you can tell how big this box and how full it is with products. I can say hands down this ir probably the heaviest monthly box I have ever received before, which has me super excited to look inside. As you can see right on top of this box is the cards that come in the box. These are cards that will tell you the contents of the box, and give you some cool workouts to try along with some recipes as well. I love how they include these additional pieces as well.

Up first we have a Cyclone Cup. I have heard awesome things about these and I have actually been looking to get a new shaker cup, so this arrived in the most perfect time lol.  As you can tell from the picture I received this cup in the color black, which is probably the color I would want unless it came in pink lol.

This cup comes apart in 3 pieces. You have the top which has a secure lock once you attach this to the actual cup itself. This insure that it wont spill which is really important to me. Then the next part is the cup itself which is 20 oz. This is the perfect size. Then the last part is dy compartment which is where you can keep your protein powder or anything else you want to mix in this cup. This is perfect for people like me who are always on the go. This feels like a really nice cup and I am super pumped to start using this asap!

Up next is Spider Chalk. I am not even going to lie when I first seen this I had no idea what it was so I had to look it up online. Pretty much this acts like a baby powder would for your hands. You squirt a small amount into your hand and it dries like a powder and gives you some grip so you don't have your hands slipping around when your working out. I will definitely be trying this out. I love how different this product is, I have never seen anything like this before.

Wow look at all this stuff in this box! I am super impressed! I never would have guessed this many things would be in one box!

Next up we have a food product from Lenny and Larry's this called the complete cookie! I have heard amazing things about these and I am super excited to try this out and see how it is. This cookie contains 16g of protein which is crazy! I received this cookie in just the classic chocolate chip!

Next up we have Melatonin, which is something that I swear by! I always have issues falling asleep at night and this is always the key for me! In this bottle there are 100 capsules which is a whole month supply. I will definitely be using this because this something I use quite regularly anyways lol.

Next up w have another supplement and this one is for Join Health. This is called Joint Formula 14. This helps to promote health and mobility. This bottle also contains 90 capsules which is a lot. This is perfect if your sore after working out, you can take one of these and I'm sure it will help you a lot. I'm quite excited to try this out the next time I am feeling a little achy.

Next up we have a pre work out. This product is called Sma5h. I'm pretty sure I have heard of this before and I have heard it's awesome. The flavor this one is in, is Watermelon which is one of my favorite flavors of all time, so I am super excited to try this out and see how it is!
Next is the product that really makes this box the "Warrior" box. These are anti slip grips, which is super great! I have actually been meaning to pick something like up, because my hands have been getting torn up!

This is what they look like out of the box, as you can see these are pretty nice. The silicone is super thick so I know these are going to last me for quite some time which is super important with my gym gear lol.
Your probably thinking "What the heck are these even for?" Allow me to explain each grip has a slit down the side so you can place these on any bar or heavy weights you plan on lifting this will help you not get your hands all torn up especially if you don't wear gloves, which I never do because I cant stand to wear them lol.

Next we have Eboost which is an energy powder. This is a safe way to get an energy boost. This packet contains energy and vitamins. It also contains natural caffeine. All those energy drinks that are out are super scary, and I am also looking to get some extra energy so I think this is going to be perfect for those times!

Next is another food item yay! Lol. This is by the brands That's it, which I have indeed tried before, and I really liked it as well. This is a bar that contains 1 whole apple and 10 cherries! How cool is that. I will be trying this for sure! If its anything like the last one I tried I'm sure this will be amazing.

The next thing is by Honey Stinger and this is a vanilla waffle. I have seen these in the stores before and I have been curious to what these are, and now I am super pumped that I can try these out for my own. I love how this one is Vanilla, because that's one of my favorite flavors.

Next we have another protein product. This is a liquid protein which I have never tried before. This is by the brand New Whey. You are suppose to drink this on its own. I have never tried anything like this so I am curious to try this out. This tube contains 42 grams of protein which is awesome! This is also in the flavor Blue Raspberry which is right up my ally. I love anything berry flavored so I am sure this will be great.

Another product to help with your hands is this hand repair cream. This is by the brand Tufmed. I can tell this stuff is pretty heavy duty. I currently am not in the need for a product like this but I'm sure it will help me when I need it!
Yay another food product lol. This is called No gii. I have never heard of this before. and this is in the flavor cookies and crème. It looks like this is some type of cookie, and this little thing contains 9 grams of protein holy cow! I will be trying this out for sure.

Something I have never seen before is up next. This is a protein candy chew. I never even knew that something like this existed before lol. This is by the brand FunnBar, which is by a company I don't think I have ever tried. There are 10 chews in this package and each one only contains 1g of sugar and also contains 1.5 g of protein in each chew! This is going to be perfect for me when I get my sweet tooth and I'm craving something sweet, and then afterwards I wont feel guilty because these aren't high in sugar at all! It looks like the one that I got is in the flavor pineapple which is my favorite flavor so I am sure I am going to love this!

A protein powder is up next and this is by the brand Eat the Bear. I use protein powder on the daily basis and I love trying out new brands so I will definitely be using this. This is in the flavor Chocolate which isn't my favorite but I will for sure be trying it because you really never know.

The last product is Another pre workout! Yay! I love pre workouts and they really help with getting in the zone right before you are going to workout. This is by the brand c4 which I have tried before I am a huge fan of this brand, so this will be put to good use. This is in the flavor Icy Blue Raz, which I don't think I have tried before but It sounds pretty amazing to me!

So that's it for my box! I am so amazed with the how much stuff I got. I have never opened an subscription box with this many items before. I have to say this is probably my favorite box I have tried out. I am really impressed with the products that were included as well. Everything in this box is something that I would buy for myself, and I plan on using all of it. It's rare to get a box and be happy with everything that you get, but I can honestly say I love everything that I got and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to review this box!
I highly recommend trying this subscription service out! This is such a great way to try out new products and even stock up for the month on products you might need!

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