Friday, April 1, 2016

lilJosJewellery Interview!

1. What is the name of your Etsy shop?

2. What is the link for your shop?

3. What kind of items do you sell in your Etsy shop?Steampunk, Cottage-chic & Boho jewellery and accessories.
Key and Cog Earrings with Gift Box. steampunk, cosplay, steampunk jewellery, steampunk gift, steampunk accessory, gift box, gift for her.
Ribbon Watch. valentines day gift, ladies watch, steampunk watch, steampunk accessory, cosplay accessory, unique, girlfriend, wife, fiance.
Feather Key ring with Peach Beads. steampunk key ring, cosplay key ring, boho key ring, boho accessories, handbag dangle, handbag accessory.

4. What is the price range for your items? My price range varis £2 to £25

5. What is your favorite item you currently have listed in your shop(please include the link to the item)?My favorite item is my Steampunk necklace and bracelet gift set.
Steampunk Necklace and Bracelet Set with Gift Box. steampunk, cosplay, steampunk accessories, gift for her, industrial, unique, amber gems.

6. Where are you and your shop from? I am from Peterborough UK.

7. What is something you would like your future customers to know about you or your shop? Every item I make is unique as I only ever make one of each item!

8. What do you think makes your stand out from other Etsy shops? I have competative prices, especially for my Steampunk range and I try very hard to have good customer service.

9. How long has your shop been opened? Almost one year.

10. Any upcoming plans for your shop? As I am a fan of video games and anime my future plans are to incorperate these themes in to my jewellery designs and eventually attend a few comic-cons as a stall vendor.

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