Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haute Beads! Review

I received some gorgeous products from an online jewelry store called Haute Beads. I discovered this store by browsing on Instagram. Once I found this page I was amazed with how gorgeous the pieces were. I thought each product was amazing and had it's own character which was really cool. It's not everyday you come across a store like this one an I am glad that I did. I was sent an entire jewelry set to review, which includes a necklace, bracelet and earrings that all match. I was unable to find the exact link for these products, but there are several similar ones listed on the webpage, along with several others that are just as gorgeous.
The first piece that I am going to begin with is the necklace. First I will start off by stating the color scheme for these pieces is this gorgeous coral color, with small accents of light blue along with silver and big crystals. I must say I am kind obsessing over the color scheme of all these pieces. I think it really screams summer which is awesome because I know that I will be loving all these products in the summer because these are basic colors and they will go with so many looks. I have a lot of clothing items that are going to go perfect with these pieces. I love how different these prodcuts are too. You can't just find these in your everyday accessory store which is another thing I really love about these piece.
As you can see this necklace has a few different things going on. The majority of this necklace is filled with pearl sized coral beads. These are somewhat light weight, and I love how simple they are. The color is also really gorgeous as well. On the side of the necklace is where all the pizazz is going on. There is a small little beaded piece on the side which features smaller coral beads, and also some light blue beads too. There is also some teeny tiny gold beads which acts as spacer beads between each color. I love how she included these small beads in between each bead. It creates really good contrast between the colors which is really nice. Above that detail on the necklace there is also another gorgeous detail. This one features a gorgeous crystal like bead. I think this is my favorite part of the entire piece because it really adds a lot to it. The closure for this necklace is also on the bigger side so is a lot easier to fasten it on your own, which I really like too.
I think this piece s beautifully made and it really feels pretty heavy duty. I think the piece is a little on the heavy side, but it's not too heavy either. It is really comfortable when you wear it which is also another important factor in wearing jewelry.

Up next we have the matching bracelet. This matches perfectly with the necklace as you can see. This has the same color and blue beads, and it also has my favorite part which is the crystal bead. In this picture you are able to see all the details on this one a lot better. As you can see there is one bigger gem in the middle and has a few smaller ones that surround the bigger one. The design for this bracelet is a two layered look and then the gem detail is in the center of piece. As you can also see there is no closure on this piece either. This bracelet is a stretchy type which is one of my favorite types. I love these the best because they are so easy to wear and really easy to slip on and off.

The final piece I will be reviewing in this collection is the matching earrings. I am so in love with these. As you can see the main focal point for these is that same crystal bead that was on the necklace and the bracelet. These are also dangle type earrings which is probably my favorite style of earrings because they really are gorgeous and they are pretty comfortable as well. Underneath the crystal detailing there is a round sphere which is made completely of the coral and blue beads. I love how funky and different this looks. She really took her time in creating this details for these earrings. I have never seen anything like this before. I love it.
The earring backs for these earrings are the big round clear ones. These I find are the easiest to put on the earring posts. I usually have a hard time putting backs on earrings sense I have acrylic nails. The teeny tiny backs are also really hard to even keep in my hands lol. Seeing these on the back of the earring posts I was like "Halluigha". I really enjoyed these earrings, and was quite impressed with how light they felt when I was wearing them. I was expecting them to be a bit on the heavy side but I was wrong. I thought these were pretty light considering how many details are on these.

My final thoughts for this shop is that this is a wonderful shop! I am amazed with how different all the pieces are. All the pieces that I received were gorgeous. They are were flawless and pretty amazing. I am in love with each piece, and I plan on wearing them a lot this summer. I love how they are going to add a lot to my simple outfits. I think they are pretty high quality and feel pretty durable which is important. I think that each piece goes so perfectly together but each piece could also be worn alone which is really pretty as well.

I highly recommend this shop and checking it out for your self :)

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