Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dr Dennis Gross! Review

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare
Today we will be getting a closer looks at some products from the brand Dr Dennis Gross. This a brand that specializes in skin care products, which so happens to be my favorite type of "beauty" products. They also have some hair care products as well. This brand pretty much carries all types of products to make your skin and hair look and feel beautiful! I was sent two different types of products for todays review, so lets get a closer look at both of these products.
The first product I will be talking about, and getting a closer look at is called Alpha Beta® Ultra Gentle Daily Peel. Just by the name of this product I figured this would be something I would like a lot which really excited me. I really didn't know what to expect with this product either, which is also exciting. I love reviewing products that I have never heard of before, because it makes me have an extremely open mind and I usually wont know what to expect which is fun as well.

The description of this product online is:
"Dr. Dennis Gross’ newest daily peel, designed for sensitive skin, contains three gentle acids, anti-agers, and soothing botanicals to exfoliate and nourish fragile skin and combat three common signs of aging: uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, and enlarged pores."

The thing that really caught me off guard with this product is the way that's it's packaged. I wasn't expecting it to be like this at all. When you think of a facial peel, I'm sure you all think it's going to be in bottle or something which is what I thought. I wasn't expecting this product to be in little packets. I'm still not 100% sure if I like the way they packaged this product or not. I mean both packaging's have their pro's and their con's as well. I do like how you can just take one or two with you when your traveling. It makes it a lot a easier and a lot less to worry about. This box contains 30 packets, which claims to last you a month if you plan to use it everyday.

Each packets has two different products in it which is cool as well. Each side contains a moistened pad with the product on it. For step one this is the step that will moisture and also exfoliate the skin as well. The directions state for you to apply this to an already cleaned face, so I would suggest washing your face before this step. Next you will take the pad and rub this all over your face until all of the product on the pad is gone. Then you will head on to the next step which is the firming and lifting step. It says on the box to wait at least two minutes between using each product so make sure you do that as well. After two minutes have passed you will then do the same thing as before. Just apply the product all over your face and make sure you apply it all, until the pad is completely dry.
My experience with this product is fairly good. I think I liked the exfoliating step the most because I loved the feeling of it, and I also liked how soft it made my skin. With step two I definitely could feel like skin getting a little tighter which was a cool but also a really weird feeling too lol. I think both of the products did a really good job, and they really do exactly what they claim to me which was something I was a little nervous about. I think that both of these products worked amazing together as well. This is a product I will continue to use. I only tried this product once for the review, but I feel like once I use this a few more times this is going to be a product I cant live without.
The next and the final product I will be reviewing for all of you is called Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion. Pretty much this product is just a facial moisturizer which is one of my favorite types of skin care products. I have tried so many moisturizers it should be illegal lol. I love trying these out though because sometimes I find products I truly love! 

The description for this product is:
"An oil-free gel-cream moisturizer that provides time-released hydration as it helps firm and smooth skin for a younger-looking complexion."

As you can see from the image below this just looks like your normal moisturizer. I do have to say I like how the product it self has a hint of blue to it lol. I also like how this product has really no fragrance to it as well. The whole fragrance can really make or break a product for me. I have fallen in love with so many products but the scent will just kill me and I can no longer use them. So the fact that this one really has no scent makes it much better for me lol. I applied this to my skin after showering, like how I usually use my moisturizers. I must say I like how this product applied to my skin and how quickly it absorbed in as well. I thought this product made my skin extremely soft and mositurzied which is great sense I have super dry skin. I would have to say this product worked wonders on skin. I thought this was probably one of the best ones I have tried yet.

Another awesome thing about both of these products is that you can use these products together. You can use the Peel first and then follow up with using the moisturizer. I have to say both of these products were pretty nice and after using both of them I have to admit my skin felt pretty good. I think both of the products are a little on the more expensive side, but they are really worth the price. You pay for what you get, and that is so true.
Make sure you check out their webpage and look at all their other skin care products.

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