Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Bramble Box! Subscription Box Review

I received another fun subscription box to review for all of you today. This is a box I have never heard of upon doing this review for them. This is called the Bramble Box. This box is created specially with kids in mind. Each month you will receive this box on your door step and it contains all sorts of fun little activities to keep your kids occupied for the day which is awesome. I love the idea of this subscription box because it's nice to have something for your kids, and there isn't very many things like this that is out their for your kids!

I don't have kids of my very own but I might as well say that I do sense I babysit so often lol. I brought this box over to the kids that I babysit for the other day and we had so much fun with this. I am excited to share this box with you and show you what all comes inside one box. First each month the boxes contain a special them, and all the activities inside will go along with that theme. The theme for this months box is Treasure Island. On this sticker is where you will find all the info on the products that are included in this box. We decided not to read this because we wanted to be surprised when we opened it together.

As you can see these boxes are neatly packed and sent to your door. You don't have to worry about anything getting damaged or anything like that which is really nice. The boxes that these are sent in are also pretty thick and sturdy as well.

The very first activity in this box is to make your very own Treasure Chest. I think the kids really enjoyed this one probably the best because this was really hands on and it did take us a while to complete this one.

With this activity you are given some instructions to follow along with the supplies you need to make the actual chest itself. This activity kit comes with several popsicle sticks in different colors and a bunch of really colorful gems you can use to decorate the chest once you are finished.
The kids and I decided we wanted to make ours a little different then the one on the instructions that were included in the box. We made ours bigger because we didn't want to create a lid for it, which gave us a few more sticks to play around with. This is our finished product. I think we did a really good job if I do say so myself lol. I love how the gems were included because it was a lot of fun to decorate our chest afterwards.
The next little activity included in this box is called Pirates best friend. This is a parrot you are able to decorate and able to put it on your shoulder so you can really look like a pirate!
Everything you may need to do this project is all included in this bag which is extremely helpful.
Inside the bag it came with a big to decorate, some feather to decorate with, a popsicle stick used to attach the bird and some glue to place everything together. I must say this was a really cute activity and the concept of doing it was simple too. All you needed to do was cut out the bird and then attach it to the stick then decorate it with the feathers
This activity ended up being a fail for us. The kids has absolutely no patience with letting this project dry. So they kept touching it when I wasn't looking causing this not to dry properly. I would suggest when you do this activity that you do it and make sure you place this in a place to dry where tiny hands cant reach them lol. I think if this was left alone then it would have been fine.
To go with the pirate treasure theme they included this adorable pirates hat! I am kinda obsessed over this lol. My kids were thrilled with this too. We took turns wearing this when doing all the activities in this box.

Another fun item to go with the attire for this box are eye patches. The box came with two different eye patches to make and decorate. I love how they included two instead of one. This way both the kids were able to make their own.

This is the final product of our eye patches. As you can see they turned out to be pretty adorable. Both kids really enjoyed this activity as well. The kit for these included some fun stickers to place on the eye patches.

A treasure map was included also so you play with all your fun things that you created in this box and make your own treasure hunt which is pretty cool too!

This kids really enjoyed this too they created a map of the entire house and they hid the "treasure" in the house and we went on a search for it. This was actually pretty fun and we did this a few times.
Bramble box also went the extra mile and include some "treasure" in the box too which was awesome. It came in this adorable velvet black bag with a skull on it.

Inside was gold coins of course!

Overall I am highly impressed with this box. They truly went over and beyond. They sent some amazing fun activities that went to perfectly with the theme of the box. I was so surprised to see how many things that were in this box. This was something that truly kept us busy all day. It's nice to be able to bond with the kids and not have it include an electronic device. They had so much fun creating these things and it truly made us bond as well. I think this is definitely a box worth it's money. Kid's need to have fun too, and that is something that is guaranteed! I suggest checking this box out and trying it. Your kids will be thanking you later!

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