Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Vitarall Review!
For today's review I have something a little bit different for you all. I will be reviewing a vitamin by the name of Vitarall. This is a vitamin you can order online of their website which is I have been on a health kick lately and I have been looking for some awesome new vitamins to try out so I was really excited to see these when they came to me in my P.O box!
I'm sure you all are probably thinking " Well what does this vitamin even do?" Allow me to explain this vitamin to you all this is something that claims to increase your brain function and raise your energy level. I will say this is probably the exact thing I have been searching for. I am always lacking in the energy and always looking for a boost. The added increase in brain function was an added bonus for me lol. This wasn't something that I was really looking for, but I mean ill take it right lol I think anyone would be okay with helping their brain function.

I was sent two bottles, which is equivalent to a two month supply. On the bottle it says you are recommend to take two tablets daily but you can also take three if you would like. I decided to include some information from their webpage so you can get some more information of this vitamin directly from the creators.
"Here are important reasons why you must take VITARALL:
VITARALL improves alertness and mental clarity by supporting brain function with vitamins, and minerals.
VITARALL has Bacopamonnieri (Brahmi), one of the few herbs proven by many studies to help reduce anxiety and improve memory.
VITARALL is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are absolutely needed by your body.
VITARALL is a totally safe multivitamin preparation which is suitable for teenagers and adults."

Please note that these images that were taken were right after I opened the package. I did in fact take these for an entire week to see if I felt any different. At the end of the week I will admit that I did feel a little more energized through out the day. I have just recently given up coffee and this really gave me the caffeine boost I have been missing from my coffee. I don't think I noticed any difference in brain activity but that just might be with just myself. I did really enjoy this vitamin and think this will be something I will continue to take for a while. I think this is the perfect vitamin for anyone that is looking for some extra energy throughout the day. All of those energy products that are out such as energy drinks and other edible products with boost of energy in them scares me so much! This is a much safer alternative and think this is a great idea.

Check this website out for yourself here:

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