Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Love Is A Rose! Review

For today's review I will be sharing a product from an online website called Love is a rose. The product that this website sent me to review is a gorgeous 24kt gold plated rose. This website is filled with all kinds of really awesome gift ideas. If flowers aren't really your thing, then don't worry they have plenty of other options to pick from including some really adorable personalized family tree's. This is a one of a kind website and that's for sure, it's definitely worth the time to look at it and all the products that they do offer. I think this a site that specializes in gifts. These are gifts are super meaningful as well and something you can't just pick up at your local department stores. This arrived to me in the perfect time. I actually gifted this item to my grandmother and she just adored it!
In the beginning of this review I mentioned that the item I would be reviewing for you all would be a rose. I would first like to start off by stating that the packaging for these roses is really well done. Each rose is placed in a really nice box that has a gold ribbon tied around it. The logo of the website is also as the bottom of the box in gold as well. I love the contrast between the white and the gold. It really looks nice. Inside the box the roses are also wrapped in bubble wrap too. I was super surprised with how well these were wrapped up and how well this really held up in the mail. This rose arrived in perfect condition along with box it was inside as well. They really nailed the packaging down for these roses. That is one less thing you will have to worry about if you do decide to purchase one of these roses.
Inside the box each rose comes with its own little card of a description of the item. This helps the person learn about the item that they are receiving and figure out special this item truly is. This is nice especially if you end up sending this to someone and cant be with them when they open the gift.
Here is the rose that was sent to me! As you can see this is a gorgeous piece. It's not everyday that you find something this gorgeous for a gift. I love giving gifts that are a little unique and with this I was able to achieve this. I don't think I have ever seen an item quite like this one before. I love how realistic this rose looks, which I wasn't really expecting either.

I think probably the coolest thing about these rose is that they are personalized. You can personalize these a million different ways. Okay maybe not a million ways, but you get the point there is a bunch of different ways to personalize these. As you can see the rose that I received is red, you can pick from a variety colors such as pink, purple, blue and yellow. The message on my flower says "I love you". this is another option in personalizing your rose. You can have these roses say anything which is awesome.

You can add charms, or even birthstone to the rose petals as well. Like I said there are so many options with these flowers, so you can make them special for literally anyone. I am in love with this rose and so was my grandmother. I could tell this rose meant a lot to her which is really important to me. I think these would be one of the best Mother's Day presents out these.

I'm not even going to lie to you all. When I first seen this listed on their website I was kind of hesitant as too how these would be in real life. I thought that maybe they would not hold up and be extremely flimsy. I was so wrong. As you can tell from the image below the steams on these flowers are pretty thick which I wasn't expecting. These are pretty sturdy.

The description for this product on their website is:
"An 11 inch preserved rose personalized with "I Love You" on the real rose petal. Or you may have it say "I ♥ U" The rose is freshly cut at the height of its bloom and preserved in a durable lacquer and then trimmed in pure 24k gold. We have several vases available for a beautiful way to display the rose. She (or he) will love the perfect gift of an everlasting personalized gold rose for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, or any occasion."

I highly suggest checking out this site for yourself. You will fall in love with these roses. They would make an awesome or even an awesome gift for yourself. If you are looking for something unique and super meaningful then this is the website for you!

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