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Cleopatras Choice! Review

I have so many amazing products to share with all of you today! All of these products came from Cleopatras Choice, which is an online retailer. I am so excited to share all of these amazing products with you today. They sent me a wide range of products to try out, and all of these products seemed like something I would love to try! They sent me a total of six products to test out so let's get into the review!

The very first product I will be sharing with all of you is called  Bee Magic Wand. This is an all in one lip and face balm.
The product claims to have all of these amazing benefits:
    Its extra strength formula is great for extreme weather protection and instant relief.
    It soothes and relieves cold sores, and moisturizes and protects dry, chapped lips.
    It is 100% natural and free of synthetic dyes, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, soy and petroleum so it is safe to use anywhere on the face and body.
    Its propriety compound was created exclusively to provide heightened antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits while soothing, healing and hydrating skin of all kinds

I have used products like this one in the past and I actually have never been a real fan of something like this. I decided to give this product the benefit of the doubt and try it out anyways. As you can see the way that they package this product is like a jumbo lip balm, which I really like. This gives for a really easy application and makes it so the product isn't messy which I like as well. All you have to do is apply this right to the area, and you don't have to worry about this getting all over your hands. Pretty much this product is for any type of dry or irritated skin. I used this on my elbows which is the driest part of skin on my body and I thought it did a pretty good job at moisturizing them.  The scent of this product is Honey which is pretty enjoyable. Overall I would say this is an "Okay" product. I wasn't too crazy over it, but I mean it did the job pretty well. I think this would be a great product for summer, when you get sunburns, or even for traveling this would be perfect.

The next product I have to review is by the brand Adovia, this is exfoliating facial salts. When I first heard this I was really interested. I don't think I have ever seen a product quite like this one before. Most of the exfoliating products I have found are just soaps that contains the exfoliating beads in them. In this case this is pretty much the beads that are in the jar all by themselves, which is pretty cool to be honest.
This product claims to do the following:
Natural facial salts improve your complexion, refresh and firm your skin while leaving it thoroughly cleansed.
These salts will infuse your skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, leaving your face radiant, smooth and refreshed.
Eliminates Bacteria and excess oil
Exfoliates dead skin cells and pore clogging particles
Revitalizes and refreshes skin, revealing a new, healthy layer.
Stimulates facial skin circulation and tightens pores
As you can see this is a huge portion, and you really only need a little bit at a time. The application for using this product is pretty easy as well. You apply this to a wet face and then you gently rub it around. I thought this product was hands down amazing. I was so impressed with how clean and soft my face felt right after using this. I felt like this product got deep down in my pores and really cleaned them out. I love this product, and I love how many different skin types could use this as well. If you have super sensitive skin, then you could just use a real small amount and maybe even mix it in with your face wash. There is so much you could do with this products. I read on the package that this is strictly just for your face but I decided to think outside the box and try this on my leg and see how it did. I thought it did a great job as well, so I think you could probably use this anywhere which is pretty cool. I don't know how I lived without this before, I have been so addicted to this product.

Next we have a product by the brand Topganic, and this is hair mask treatment, which my hair really needed I have really damaged hair so any product like this always excites me.
The benefits for this product are:
 No Parabens & Paraffin free
Provides flexibility and softness
Replenishes your hair moisture level
Nourishes the hair fiber with crucial vitamins
Enriched with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin A
Formulated for all hair types including dry & color-treated hair
Improves the look and feel of hair that has been damaged from heat styling

I used this product a few times sense getting it and I am loving it! You could use this product a few ways and I have tried pretty much all of them. You can use this in the shower in replacement of your conditioner, or you can just add an extra step after conditioning your hair and just let this sit on for a little longer, or if your hair is feeling a little dry you can just wet your hair and apply this product. I thought this product worked best when I washed my hair first then applied this. I was amazed with the consistency of this product as you can see, this is a really thick formula so it really applies nicely to your hair.  I thought the longer I let this sit on my hair the softer my hair felt afterwards. I would recommend just applying this to your driest parts of your hair like your ends. I made the mistake at applying this to my roots and wasn't impressed lol. I thought it made my hair feel a little greasy, but that was the only issue I had. I thought this product did a really good job at repairing my hair which is what I really needed!

The next product I have to share with you all is by Model in a bottle and this is a makeup setting spray. I actually just ran out of my previous one, so I was looking for a new one so this one came just in time lol.
Some benefits of this product are:
 Fast drying to a matte finish and never sticky
Will not hinder SPF efficiency
Contains moisturizing Aloe Vera
Made in the USA and not tested on animals

Right off the bat I must comment on the packaging! I love how all the packaging has a lot of pink in it which you all know I really like lol. I have always used setting sprays two different ones. The first way I typically use this product is by using it as a primer, and then the other way Is just by setting my makeup. I have to say I didn't really like this product for being a primer, but I did enjoy this product for a setting spray on its own. I thought this did such a great job at having my makeup stay all day! It didn't budge and I love the matte effect it left on my face. I was also impressed the scent of this product. I have never had a setting spray with such an amazing fragrance before. It smelt so great, and that really added to my love for this product. I can honestly say this is life changing product.

The next product is by GoPure and this an organic Argan Oil. I have heard amazing thing about argan oil and have been super interested in trying a product out like this. I have really dry hair and heard that product does wonders on dry and damaged hair.

The benefits of this product are:
Safely and effectively moisturizes dry skin for a more radiant, fresh, younger looking appearance
Lightweight moisturizer is easily absorbed into the skin and delivers maximum hydration
Can be used as gentle, all-natural makeup remover that moisturizes skin as it easily removes stubborn makeup
Adding a few drops to liquid foundation adds a dewy-youthful glow to your skin (see video below)
Great moisturizer for rough cuticles and strengthener for brittle nails
Serves as an all natural anti-aging night time moisturizer
Improves condition of hair, smooths and reduces frizziness
No Parabens, Additives, Fillers or harmful chemicals
Premium Grade A from Morocco. Cold pressed
Safe for all skin types


There are a lot of uses for the product however I just decided to stick to trying it on my hair only for this review. I must say I love the packaging of this product. The syringe really makes it easy to get the perfect amount of product and you don't have to worry about getting too much out at once, because if you do you can just suck it back up and put it back in the bottle which is really cool. I applied this product to the ends of my hair after taking a shower for a few days to get the full effect of this product. I must say even after day one I was amazed. This made my dry hair so incredibly soft it was crazy. I really wasn't expecting it to make that much of a difference but it really did. There are so many other ways you can use this product such as on your skin and on your nails, I am so excited to discover some new uses for this amazing product.

The last product I will be reviewing for you all is a Paraffin Wax & Coconut Oil Treatment by the brand Glove Treatment. On my recent trip to my nail salon I got this done so I am not familiar with what this process is all about.
The benefits for this product are:
All-natural paraffin formula restores, replenishes and soothes tired, dry feet while relieving the effects of aging, bursitis, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and multiple forms of arthritis.
All natural ingredients: Paraffin, coconut oil, lavender oil, polypropylene encaser
Paraffin wax is infused with natural pure essential coconut oil and lavender oil.
Paraffin wax heats quickly and stays warm during the treatment
Spa results in the comfort of your own home
Convenient and easy to use. One size fits all
Hygienic and safe. No mess, no fuss

Allow me to explain what is product really is, pretty much there are boots that are filled with wax. You simply place these in the microwave for a few seconds to get the wax nice and warm and then you place your feet inside of them and it's suppose to make your feet really soft. Like I mentioned earlier I got this done recently and loved the feeling of it, it was extremely relaxing and my feet were really soft afterwards.

Inside the box you will get the boots which are sealed up and two clips which are for you to use while doing this. This helps the bags stay in place. It says that you can reuse this up to 4 times which is kind of cool as well.
So this is what the product looks like out of the packaging, this is a picture of my feet inside of the boots. As you can see it looks a little strange lol. I must admit I was kinda scared I would mess this up because I am notorious for doing that but this time I didn't. The directions were really easy to follow. I really enjoyed doing this in my home. I thought it was a very relaxing thing to do after a long day, however afterwards I didn't think it made much of a difference to my feet. That might be also because I just got this done about a week or so ago. Also please note that this can get kinda messy so make sure that you have a towel close by you don't really want to get this wax I did lol oops! Overal I did like this product, I think I would recommend this mostly for relaxing!
Make sure you check this site out where all these amazing products came from!

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