Friday, March 11, 2016

The Cozy Mug Subscription Box! Review

I will be reviewing another subscription box for all of you today. This one is called the Cozy Mug. For $24.95 you can get tea and other fun goodies in the same category delivered to your door. I have never heard of this subscription before, so I am super excited to get into my box and see what I got this month!
So as you can see this doesn't come in an actual "Cozy Mug Box" this comes just comes in a regular box that it is shipped in. This is a first for all the subscription boxes I have tried. I must have to say that I like this so much better lol. Most people are probably thinking why you crazy nut? I accumulate so many boxes through out the month I honestly don't need anymore so this helps with reducing that for down for me lol. I like how everything is wrapped up in tissue paper, it makes it looks really pretty! I'm really excited to see what's inside my box. Let's get into this unboxing review!

After unfolding the first layer of tissue paper this is what I see! Right on top there is card that says Cozy Mug and I am guessing that this is the card that tells me what's inside this box. Underneath the card I can see some tea bags, and some other hidden surprises! I like how some things in this box are wrapped up individually because it makes it more like a mystery through out the unboxing process which is fun! 

Yep I was right! On the back of that Cozy Mug card there is  list of all the items that are in this box. I usually save this till the end just to go back and reference all the products that I got in the box so lets just hold off from looking at this till later on.

The very first item that is this box is chocolate this is by the brand name Moser Roth. I'm pretty sure I have heard of this brand but I am not 100% sure. It says that this is 85% Dark Chocolate which scares me to be honest lol. 1. I don't really like chocolate and 2. I HATE dark chocolate lol. But for the sake of this review I am going to try this chocolate out for all of you who are curious. I must say this isn't like any chocolate I have had before. I think this is kind of bitter, it isn't terrible just a little different. It definitely wasn't something that I was expecting and that's for sure. I can see this being good chocolate to bake with sense it isn't so sweet. No worries about this going to waste. I'm saving this for my Mom who is a huge fan of Dark chocolate I'm sure she will love this because she isn't really a fan of super sweet candies/chocolates.

The next two items that I see in this box are Tea. This by the brand name Harney & Son, I'm not sure if I heard of this brand or not. I don't think I have but I may be wrong. They included two different flavors in this months box. The first one is Pomegranate Oolong which is floral tea with a bit of tang. I must say this isn't the type of tea I usually go for, but I will definitely be trying this out soon to see if I like it and who knows I might just surprise myself and like this one. The next type of tea that was included by the brand Harney & Son is called Paris. This one is fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors with hints of vanilla. I am super curious to try this one the most. This has all my favorite flavors, but I'm not sure how all of these flavors will go together. I have a feeling I will really like this one.

The next 4 items in this box are some more tea! This time these are by the brand Aloha, which is a brand I know for a fact that I have tried before, I have tried some of their bars before and they were amazing so I am super excited to see this brand in this box and try some more of their products out. All of these teas are organic as well which is really nice. I will now give you a description of each of these teas.
Protect- This is a cleansing tea for your immune system. This would be the perfect tea to drink if you are feeling a little under the weather. I'm sure this would be perfect for that. This tea contains Echinacea, elderberry, and elderflower.
Clean- This is a refreshing tea. This would be perfect for the morning to get you going for the day and make you feel refreshed before you start your day. This tea contains dandelion, raspberry and ginger.
Smart- This is a tea that helps you focus. I'm sure this would be perfect to drink right before you need to do something that might take some time. I know this would be perfect for me during a lot of occasions lol. This is a green tea with Ginkgo
Beauty- This tea is good for your skin. I think this tea you could drink all the time and maybe make this into your daily routine. This tea contains juniper berry, green rooibos, hibiscus and dandelion. 
I must say I am super impressed with variety of these teas and I love how they have different flavors and different uses too. I am really excited to try these out. I think I'm most excited to try the Clean tea it sounds delicious!
The next item that was included in this box is a bottle of Wet N Wild nail polish. This is a bit random for this box and I really wasn't expecting this at all lol. I love how this was included though. This is probably one of my favorite brands of nail polishes ever. These work amazing and there really inexpensive as well. I love the color that was include too! Purple is one of my favorite nail colors for myself so this was definitely a hit for me!
The very last item that is in this months box is a stationary item. This a little card with a matching envelope. This has a Paris theme to it and it is adorable. I think my favorite part of this set is the macaroons on the envelope and on the card I love it! I love how this was included as well
Here is a little re-cap of everything that was included in this box 6 different tea, 1 chocolate bar, 1 nail polish, and a card with matching envelope. I think this is amazing deal. You get a lot of amazing products at such a low price. I can honestly say that I will be using every single one of these products in the next few days. I was not expecting to get so many products in such a small package. I also wasn't expecting to get items that weren't tea either. So this is super exciting and fun!
Make sure you check their site out and get your hands on your very own box.

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