Sunday, March 13, 2016

PupJoy Subscription Box! Review!

The review I have for you all today is called Pupjoy which is a subscription service. This is a little different from the subscription services I have reviewed for you all before. This is one just for your dogs! The thing I really like about this subscription is that is personalized just for your  dog. Before you subscribe to this box you are given a few simple questions about your dog, such as age, size, allergies, and types of toys they would enjoy. I love the fact that they do this just because you know you will be getting stuff that your dog will love! These boxes are completely customizable and you can select which size box is best for you and your dog, they range in price from $23-$44.
This is what I see as soon as I open up this box. As you can see there are a ton of goodies inside this box. I'm excited to see what is inside so is Baby! (my dog) she is sitting by my side as well lol.

The first thing inside is a stuffed animal toy that's an adorable penguin! The fabric used to make this toy is really soft and feels very strong as well which is important because most dogs chew up their toys all the time lol. This is a pretty good sized toy and I think Baby is going to like it as well.

Yep, I'd say this toy was a hit with her lol. I think she really like this considering I just squeaked it a few times and she stole it out of my hand.

The next thing that in my box is another toy. This is the same type of toy just a little different. The fabric on this one is a little different too. This toy has softer fur. It also has another squeaker inside which is always a hit with my dog. She only likes toys with squeakers so I'm sure she's going to love this one as well.

Up next we have Bo's Bones which is gourmet organic dog biscuits. This will be something different for my pup considering we never really give her organic food. I do have to say I am impressed with how many treats are inside this package. This is a pretty big bag of treats it's going to last her quite some time...maybe lol. The bag is also re-sealable too which is great! At the bottom of this bag of treats it says "Lovin Hearts" I'm not 100% sure what that means I'm assuming it has to do with the flavor of the treats though.

The next thing waiting inside of this box is some more treats! These are by the brand Be Pawsitive, which is an adorable brand name I must say lol. These are just the simple oven baked dog biscuits. These are the kind my dog are the most familiar with. I know for a fact that shes going to love these ones too! This bag is huge as well! This bag of treats is bigger then the first kind. My dog is going to get so fat.... lol just kidding! She's going to be so happy with all these treats!
The last thing hiding in this box is a little bag the says Billy Wolf on it. I'm curious to see what's inside so lets take a little closer look.
Awesome! A real bone! I have always wanted to give my dog one of these to see if she would enjoy it and now I have one for her, which is super exciting.

I literally couldn't set this down without Baby coming up and taking this away. Lol as you can see this was a hit with her. I think this such a good thing for dogs and it really does keep them busy they can chew on these for hours and be entertained by it. I think this would be perfect to give your dog if they get anxious when you leave the house, you could simply give this to them right before you head out the door and then they have something to keep them busy they wont even notice your gone :)

I do have to thank pupjoy for sending me one of their boxes for Baby. She really enjoyed this box. Baby has been in a little bit of a funk the last few days sense her brother recently passed away. They were inseparable. I can honestly say this box perked her up, which made me so happy. These boxes are truly wonderful. They will make your dog so happy which is honestly such a great feeling. I highly suggest checking these boxes out for yourself and getting one for your dog. I promise you, you wont regret it!
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