Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pure Romance By Jennifer Johnson! Review

Today I have a review for all of you on a company called Pure Romance. This is an independent consultant and today I will representing Jennifer Johnson. She sent me some products to try out and give my opinion on and I am super excited to share these with you. I have never before tried anything from this company before, but I have always been extremely interested in trying these products for a long time. I am s glad I know have the opportunity to share these with you, if you are interested in any of the products I am showing you all today when please make sure you check out here links which I will include down below at the end of this blog post.

I was sent a total of three different items to try out that are from the Pure Romance.The first two products that were sent to me to try out to review are two samples. the first one is called Just like me which is gel lubricant and the other product is called Sensations which is a warming lubricant. The last product that I have to review for all of you today is a Vibrating toy.
To begin this review I am going to start off with the two samples I received. Both of the sample are lubricants but they are both extremely different.

Just Like Me- I have to say I have tried quite a few different lubes before but I have never found anything that I really like. I can say that this product is awesome! Out of all the lubes I have tried in the past I am easily disappointed with how crappy the product works and it just feeling disgusting when you use it. I can tell you that this product is completely different. I am so amazed with how soft this product made me feel, it didn't leave me feeling sticky and gross either, and it didn't make a big mess like most lubes are notorious for doing.  I really love the way this felt it also balance your pH which is awesome and really important as well. A lot of people fail to do there research when choosing a lubes and need to realize that  a lot f those lube that are out there can be dangerous especially if they contain any type of sugar in them. That isn't safe for the down there zone lol. This product is super safe and is awesome I really recommend checking this out!

Sensations- This is product I was extremely nervous to try out to be 100% honest with all of you I have had a very bad experience with a product like this in the past and I really didn't want to experience the same thing again lol. I tried one of the cheap brands that was from the drugstore and It burned me. It didn't make it warm it made it hot! lol which was extremely uncomfortable and not exactly the best thing to have happen especially when your trying to have nice moment with your partner. I can say this product gave me a totally different experience. This product was very nice and the warming sensation was amazing, I have never tried anything amazing like this before. I do have to say this product come in a few different scents as well the sample that I received was in the scent Strawberries and whipped cream, and this smelt AMAZING! I was so impressed with the scent I truly wanted to eat it lol.

The last product I have to review is called the Flirt which is vibrator. This has three different speeds on it which is awesome. This is a smaller vibrator as well which is a good feature to have. The product itself comes in this resalable bag. This is great because you can store it in the bag if you choose to do so. I love how this toy comes in the color pink which is my favorite color of course lol.

On the back of the bag is where you can find all the different facts about this product that I will share with you. The most important one I will mention is that this is completely water proof which is awesome just incase you want to use this in a wet place you wont have to worry about destroying your toy.

Make sure you don't forget the batteries! Three triple a's are required for this toy and they are not included so make sure you don't have a blonde moment like me and completely forget about getting batteries you will be extremely disappointed when you sit down and discover that you don't have any batteries lol.

Like I said in the beginning of the review of this toy, this toys comes with three speeds which is awesome because you can find the perfect setting for yourself. I have to say the design for this toy is a little unique. It comes in two separate pieces. The first piece is just the base, this is where the batteries are located. The second piece is the actual vibrator itself. This is on a cord and it simply plugs right into the base. The part where it plugs in looks just like a headphone jack which is cool as well. I have to say I was pretty surprised with how powerful this toy is. I was amazed with the power of the highest setting and I also liked how low the vibration could go as well. This toy is perfect for beginners and its also perfect for people who are more experienced too. I love this toy, and it really does get the job done!
I want to thank Jennifer for sending me these products to try out. I am impressed with the quality of each of these items. I can honestly say I am now super interested in trying out some different products from this company. Make sure you check out the link below to find some products for yourself.

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