Wednesday, March 9, 2016

JDzigner! Review

I have a review for all of you today on an online store by the name of JDzigner. This jewelry designer creates several amazing pieces and she was able to send one to review which is awesome. Her online store is filled with all types of jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings. She even has an assortment of clothes such as leggings and dresses. Also there's even home décor item such as clocks, and coasters. This shop owner makes some pretty amazing things and has such a huge range which I just love. For the review today she sent me one of her aluminum cuff bracelets to try out and give my opinion on for you. So lets get into the review!
The bracelet that she sent me to review is in an adorable pink camo print which I love. Camo is pretty popular and I love how this is pink, it really has a nice girly feel to it which is what I am all about lol. Before I get on with reviewing the actual bracelet I have to first start off by saying this bracelet was shipped inside a small clear bag as you can see in the picture above. This was such a great idea, just to ensure that it arrived in perfect condition which is really did.
I was unable to find the actual link for this particular bracelet but I did include a link to the same bracelet just in a different pattern. The link I included is one of my favorite ones she has listed on her site, it reminds me a lot of Vera Bradley, so make sure you check this link out and have a look for yourself. I'm sure you will agree with me :)

Back to the bracelet review now. As you can see from this picture this bracelet is actually pretty thick. I was kind of surprised to be honest with you. I have several types of bracelets that are super similar to this style, but I can assure you I have never seen one quite like this before. Most of the ones that I already own are super flimsy and really thin. This one is super sturdy, which to me is really important when It comes to me jewelry. This honestly feels like a piece I could wear over and over again and It would never wear out. I wear jewelry a whole lot so having a piece like this is awesome.
I am super impressed with not only the quality of this bracelet but also how it looks. I absolutely am in love with the style of this bracelet. This isn't something you would see everyday and its definitely not something you see all the time in the stores. I love being a little different and standing out from the crowd and I think with owning this piece it will really help with that. I love how this bracelet is so versatile. You can really wear this to achieve a lot of different looks, you can dress this up or dress it down too which is awesome and I love pieces like this because they making styling so much easier. I wore this bracelet a few time already and I received so many compliments on it which always in nice to hear :)

Overall this bracelet is amazing hands down. It's really cute and pretty. It's really study and heavy duty and its just a nice piece to have. I would highly recommend checking these out on her website along with all her other items she has for sale. This shop owner is extremely talented and makes some amazing pieces. I am so honored that I got to work with her and I really hope to work with her again in the future.

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