Tuesday, March 8, 2016

AmyZolkowskiDesigns! Review

Today I have a very exciting review for you all. I will be reviewing an online Etsy shop that goes by the name of Amy Zolkowski Designs. Her online store sells al kinds of my handmade jewelry made by Amy herself. All of her pieces are one of a kind, and they all are just so gorgeous and unique.
One awesome thing about this shop is that all of her jewelry pieces are shipped in these nice boxes. Inside the boxes there is some extra cotton, which acts like a cushion or your jewelry. This is to ensure that all of your jewelry pieces arrive in perfect condition. This I can assure you happened. I love how she places each item in the boxes it adds a lot to the pieces, and it's really nice if you plan on giving any of her items as gifts, because they are already boxed up! That saves you an extra step which is something I'm sure everyone would appreciate.
The piece that Amy sent me to review is a gorgeous pair of earrings. Like I said previously all of her pieces are made one of a kind so I am unable to include the link for this actual item. I decided to include a link for a very similar item that is in her shop, just in case you are interested in buying a piece like this you know exactly where to go. As you can see the earrings that were sent to me are a pair of her wire wrapped earrings. I have gotten a few pieces of jewelry pieces with the similar style with the wire but I can honestly say these are nothing like what I have seen before. There are many things that really make these stand out for me. One being that the type of metal that she uses to create her pieces is oxidized and polished the copper, which is why it's the color that it is. I love the color of the copper and the color of the green bead on each earring. The color go great with each other and contrast really nicely together.I have never seen someone use a metal like this when making wire wrapped jewelry most of the time it ends up being just plain silver, so I really like how this is a little different.

I included a close up picture of these earrings so you can see the detail that was put into making them. As you can see above the bead, towards the top of the earring this is where all the wire wrapping is done. It looks amazing and pretty perfect if I do say so myself. These earrings really look like something you would find in the store. I would consider these earrings to be on the plain side, there isn't a lot going on with them which I really like as well. These earrings are pretty much easy to wear with any outfit. You can easily dress these earrings up, or you could dress them down as well. All of her jewelry pieces are topped with a protective coating which helps the jewelry from tarnishing which is amazing! That is something that I am constantly worrying about with my jewelry so it's nice to know that I will not have to worry when it comes to these earrings. I have to say after I received this package from Amy for the review I put these on instantly. These are my favorite style of earrings, the sort of dangle style. I think look the best on me. I thought these earrings were extremely comfortable and very light weight. I honestly forgot I was wearing them for a while at first, and they didn't irate my ears which was a huge plus as well.

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