Tuesday, March 8, 2016

CraftyToucanShop! Review!

I have a review for all of you today on online shop on Etsy that goes by the name of CraftyToucanShop! The shop owner is super talented and makes all kinds of home décor items. They all are truly amazing and pretty unique. I was browsing her site and found these awesome necklace holders and told her my interest in reviewing one of these. I told her about my love for Disney and this is what she came up with.
I am so blessed that she made this custom piece just for me. I am truly in love with this and I plan on using this right away. As you can see her clever little jewelry holders are made on hangers, which to me is a pretty genius idea for a few different reasons. The main reason why I love this being on a hanger is because you can hang this in your closet too! There are several ways you can display this piece but to save space you could honestly place this in your closet and use this to hang up all your jewelry. In my opinion I don't want to store this in my closet just because I want to be able to see it all times. I think this is a piece that needs to be out on display.

As you can see from the pictures she placed this adorable Minnie Mouse figurine in the center of the hanger to add a little pizazz to the hanger and I just love it. I think it was really the perfect finishing touch to make this piece scream Disney, which now it does. I love all the small details she included on this piece as well. I love the white flowers she added through out the entire hanger, it really adds just decoration to the piece and I love it. I also like the background she placed behind Minnie Mouse it adds the perfect pop of color and it really makes the pink stand out.

On each side of the hanger there are 9 small hooks. This is a total of 18 hooks which is a lot! You could probably hang a few necklaces on each hook too if you needed. This piece really does store a lot which is amazing. I plan on using this piece to hang my favorite necklaces up. I can see you being able to use this a lot of different ways too not even jewelry. This would be an amazing piece to use to hang your keys on by the front door or even to use it to hang up all your scarfs during winter. The possibilities are truly endless with this piece. I cant wait to hang this up and start using it.

I decided to take a picture of the back just to show you what kind of work is done with these. As you can see this piece is complelty flawless from the behind. She does such an amazing job at creating these, she makes sure they are perfect, even the back which is awesome. This shows a lot about the shop owner and what kind of work she produces.
I am beyond impressed with my jewelry hanger. I want to thank Crafty Toucan for allowing me to review this product. I truly love this piece and cant wait to use it! Your work is amazing and I know you shop is going to take you very far!
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