Wednesday, March 9, 2016

DisneyAddictedEars! Review!

I have a very exciting review for all of you today on probably one of my favorite products I review here on my blog. I will be reviewing some handmade Minnie Mouse ears that are from a shop on Etsy by the name of DisneyAddictedEars.

As most of you probably already know, I go to Disney quite frequently and I ALWAYS wear Minnie Mouse ears when I go there. I choose not to buy ears at the park because everyone wears them. I like being different and having some different types of ears that you can find at the parks. They have quite a few at the parks but nothing that ever screams out and grabs my attentions. I found this shop by browsing instagram actually and I was super impressed with the amount of different ears this shop had. The pair of ears that were sent to me to review for all of you are these adorable Cinderella inspired ears.

I can honestly say I am in love with these ears. I love the color scheme of them. It really does scream Cinderella. She nailed it with these. The blue is the perfect Cinderella blue color that I am sure you all know what I am talking about. For the bow in the center she actually included two different bows. The one in the back is actually just a plain white bow, and to add some more color she added another blue bow right in front. To add a little something else she included a small charm of the carriage. This is probably my favorite part about these ears.

I love the fabric she chose to use with these ears. I love how each ear is different as well. On one of the ears it is light blue fabric with some silver glitter, which goes amazing with the silver boarder around each ear. On the left side of ears the fabric chosen for that one is a Cinderella based one. I love this one as well. It has small image of Cinderella along with a quote from the movie. I really cant decide which fabric I like the best of the ears, they both are adorable and go so well with each other.

The actual head band itself that has the ears on it is super nice as well. I think this is probably one of the most comfortable ears that I own. Most head bands I can't stand especially when they start digging into your skin but this one didn't at all which really surprised me. These ears are probably one of the best quality's that I own. I have several pairs of these ears and sometimes they just don't hold up. I go to Disney a lot.. and I need ears that can keep  up with all my Disney world trips and these certainly do the job. These were made so nicely, there are no flaws at all in them which is nice too. I don't see any residue from the glue or anything. These ears are picture perfect and honestly look like something you would find at Disney World.
I am in love with these ears! I think they are amazing and I cant wait to wear them some more. I actually wore these on my most recent Disney trip ( this past weekend). I had several people ask me where in the park I bought these ears and they were super surprised when I told them it was from an Etsy shop.
I want to thank this shop owner for sending me these ears to review. I love them so much and I really hope to work with you again in the future. I highly recommend this shop and hope you go and check out her shop, and see all of her amazing ears!

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