Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Loose Tea Addict! Subscription Box Review! & Coupon Code!

Today I have another review for all of you on subscription service. This is another newer one that I have never heard of before doing this review. As you can probably guess from the title this is subscription that sends tea right to your front door! Let's get on with the review and see what s hiding inside this box!

The first thing that is on top is all the papers that come in pretty much every subscription box. Usually when I open my boxes I save these till the end because I like to be surprised when opening the box. I may occasionally look over to learn about the product when going through the box but that's usually it.
The first actual product that is in this box is a small metal strainer for tea. I do have to say I was really surprised when I seen this inside. I just thought this box was going to contain tea. So now I am super excited to see what else will be in this box.

As you can see this is an adorable little strainer. I have a big one so this one is perfect for me sense I am the only one who drinks tea in my house and I never usually drink more then just a cup at a time. I think this is going to be perfect for me. For those of you who are super confused to what this product even is, ill explain it to you. You simply fill the inside of the metal strainer with the tea and then you let this sit into the hot water, and this is how your delicious tea is made. It's kind of cool especially if you have never tried it before. I will for sure get my use out of this product and I cant wait to try it out.

The next two products is the thing I was most excited for. The Tea! The box that I got contains two different teas for you to try out and I do have to say I was really impressed with how large of a quantity these are. I was expecting to get some small samples of tea but I was very wrong in this case. I have to be honest I haven't tried too many teas before so I am not that experienced with all the different types or flavors of tea. I love trying new things so this is super exciting for me.
Earl Grey and Darjeeling are the two types of tea that were included in this box. Both of these blends are black tea as well.
Here is the card that was included inside of my box that goes in more detail about the two different flavors of the tea, just in case you are curious :)
One of my favorite look goodies that was included in this box is an Almond Chocolate biscotti which these are amazing. I have only tried them with coffee so now I am super excited to try this with my new tea. I think this is going to be amazing.

The time has come but sadly we are at the last item for this box. The very last thing I have to share with all of you is this adorable golden teaspoon. I think out of everything this is my favorite lol. I just think this is so adorable and I love how  this was included in my box. I can honestly say I wasn't excepting this to be inside at all. I think this is going to be perfect for stirring my tea, as well as using it to scoop the tea out of the bags itself.

If you are curious in checking out this subscription service (which I highly recommend you doing) then please use this coupon code! "SAVE15" this will sale you 15% off of your entire box! You're welcome lol. This is such a great deal and I really hope you all take advantage of it!
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