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Offer Genie! Review

Offer Genie
I received three different products today to review for all of you from an online store called Offer Genie. This is a site filled with so many awesome products at super low prices. When first browsing their website I was truly amazed with the variety of products that they have for sale. It's nice when your able to find a lot of products that you need in one place! The items that I will be reviewing for you all today are a Bluetooth headset, a phone case and a dock station for apple watch and iPhone. Let's get into this review!
The very first item we will be taking a closer look at it is this wireless Bluetooth headset. This product is by the brand Vitality. This is product I have been dying to get my hands on for an extremely long time to be honest with all of you. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about let me explain this product. This is ear buds that are Bluetooth. You simply pair these up with your phone and you can use these to answer calls or even listen to music on. These are awesome sense they are Bluetooth you don't have to worry about annoying cords! These also have a built in microphone so you can talk on the phone with them.

On the outside of the box it looked like these were going to be in a red color, but when I opened the box I was in for the ultimate surprise! They are in the color pink! For those of you who have been following my blog for a while you understand my love for pink lol. It's been hard to find these in pink to be honest with you, so I was shocked to see that they even carried them in the pink color. They also have these in blue, green, and black.

Inside the box this is what your left with:
The actual headset
A micro USB charger
A owners manual
and some additional ear bud silicone pieces
As soon as I got these in the mail, I instantly had to pair them right up with my phone. It was probably the easiest thing I have done with my phone before. The manual explained it perfectly and I had no issues at all. I have been wearing these for the last few days, and let me just tell you I am in love with this product. These work amazing and I am so surprised with them being so inexpensive. They are super light weight and really comfortable as well which is important especially if you plan on wearing these for a few hours a day.
I will now explain all the buttons and features of this headset for all of you.
Once you put these on, this side of buttons will be on your right hand side. On this side you will see there is only three buttons total. The top two buttons function as the forward and backward button.  This comes in  handy when listening to music because you are able to skip through them with ease. The button below that is the play and pause button. I don't think I need to explain that because it's pretty self explanatory lol. Below that button you can see the actual ear bud piece. These are attached magnetically, so they are super easy to put in and out and they are actually pretty comfortable as well. That says a lot considering I don't typically like this style of ear buds at all.

Now on to the left side of this device. Starting at the top you will notice a little circle, which appears to look white in this image. This is actually the LED light. This tells you when your device is dying, when it's charging and when your device is on by the color of the light that it will flash. Below that there are two more buttons, these are the volume up and down. Below that button is call button. You can use the button to end a call or even start a call as well. The thing that is awesome is that if you own an iPhone like me if you simply just hit this button one time it will bring up Siri, this is extremely convenient for driving or when you don't have any free hands. If you press this button twice it will automatically call the person you last spoke too. Inside the device is where you will find the charging port. It isn't really noticeable which is really nice too. This device charges with a mico USB cable and I must say it charges pretty quickly. On the outside of the device is the one and off switch.
I love how the design is super sleek and really easy to use. All the buttons are pretty self explanatory and really easy to get the hang of using. I would also like to share with you all some really awesome features about this device. This device is water resistant which means you don't have to worry about rain or even sweat, this doesn't mean you can take these in the pool or shower, but if they get a little wet you shouldn't have any issues. This is extremely nice especially when you live in Florida like myself and it rains all the time. This device will also vibrate when you get a call! How cool is that. When I first put these on, I didn't know it did that so it really scared me lol. I love this feature probably the most.
My overall review for this product is that I am highly impressed with it. The battery life is amazing, you can get up to 10 hours of play time and 15 hours talk time. They are really comfortable. They sound amazing and when talking on the phone with these the person you talk to will agree as well. I am in love with this product, I don't see how I was living without these before!

The next product I will be sharing with you is this protective iPhone case. I am not sure which model this case is for, because it doesn't fit me phone which is a bummer. I will be giving this case away in my next giveaway. So if you would like to win this stay tuned. This case is in the same colors are the headset, which is black and pink. These cases are also made in a big variety of different colors if pink isn't quite your thang lol. The colors offered are black, red, orange, blue, green, silver, and white as well. There really is a color for everyone with these cases. They also come in styles for the following phone types Galaxy S4 and S5 the iPhones 5, 6 and 6 Plus.

The thing that really makes these stand out from your typical iPhone case is the feature that is included on the back of these cases, and that is the stand. I love this feature because this is super helpful especially when your watching videos online you don't have to worry about holding up your phone which gets really annoying to be honest lol. These cases feel really sturdy and heavy duty. I can assure you if you dropped your phone your least of your worries would have this case crack. The black material on this case has some grip to it which makes it nice when your just holding your device. As far as looks go with this case I think it's really stylish. I love how there is a cut out where the logo for the Apple sign would go. For some reason I love that feature, and most of my iPhone cases have that as well lol. I just like the way it looks.

The last item I will be sharing with you all is something a little different. This is an iPhone and Apple Watch charging dock. I am not the owner of the apple watch yet, but I hope to be very soon and when I do get one I can only imagine how helpful this device is going to be for me.

This is what this product looks like outside of the box. As you can it is made out of wood, which looks extremely nice and quite expensive which in fact it is not. The way this device works is you slide your apple watch over the end of the dock on the left side and then the right side is where your phone will sit. You can use this a few different ways which is nice. Each place where you put your devices, it has the ability to charge in these places. All the cords are able to feed through the holes which is really nice. If you don't want to charge these devices then you can just use these as a place to store them. This would look beautiful on a desk or dress. I think this is nice because you can do many things with it.
This dock is amazing quality, it really feels nice and sturdy. An additional feature is that at the bottom of the dock there are little round rubber feet so this will sit perfectly wherever you plan on using this device.
Well that's it for this review. I can honestly say I am in love with this site. All of the products that they sent me to try out and share with you all are truly amazing. I love them all. This is only a few that they offer on this site too which is mind blowing. Make sure you check them out. I'm sure you will find the perfect product for yourself. I really hope to work with offer genie again because this is probably one of my new favorite websites now. I want to thank everyone at Offer Genie for sending me these products to try out.
Make sure you go take a look at their website here:

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