Monday, March 28, 2016

Electric Lotus! Review

For today's review I will be taking a close look at some vape juice. The juice I will be reviewing for you all is by the brand Electric Lotus. I discovered this brand via Instagram and was reading up about all the different flavors and my mouth was watering just by reading them lol. I am super excited and honored to have them be featured on my blog! Let's get on with the review!

The lovely people over at Electric Lotus sent me 5 different juices to try out and review for all of you. First lets talk about the packing. I am kinda obsessed over these. I love the little pipette that's attached to the lids of these juices. This makes adding the juice to your vape super easy to handle and quite fun actually lol. It also helps with getting the right amount added to your vape and if you make a mistake and put way to much in your vape you can just suck it back into the bottle so you don't waste any which is nice because in the past I have wasted so much juice its no even funny. It happens though! I love the black packaging and then the electric lotus logo is gorgeous and really pops on these bottles. They offer these juices in two different sizes 15ml and 30 ml, and you can also pick your nicotine level as well which is cool! The different nicotine levels that they offer for these juices are 0,3,6, and 12 mg. The juices that were sent to me are 15 ml and the nicotine level is 0 as well.

The very first flavor I will be sharing with you all is called Decibel
The description for this flavor is:
"Decibel takes your average peanut butter cookie and blows it out of this world. With 13 different extracts including cookie butter, milk chocolate, and butterscotch, there’s no turning down this expertly detailed flavor."
I really enjoyed this flavor. It sure had a lot going on and I loved the smell of it, which is equally as important, am I right? lol. I think the flavors that stuck out the most with this juice was the butterscotch. This one was very tasty.

The next juice is called Equalizer

The description for this flavor is:
"This lemon meringue, crème brûlée cheesecake is perfectly balanced with candied coconut, sweet Boston cream, and rich banana cream for a smooth and silky vape that is equal parts decadent and delicious! "

At the first sniff I knew I was going to love this one so much and I was right. It smelt just like Lemons, which is one of my favorites. I cant get over how spot on the descriptions are for the flavors. It truly amazes me. For me I think the Lemon was the strongest flavor in this juice. I would highly recommend this one to anyone who is a huge fan of lemon.


Next up we have Frequency.
The description for this flavor is:
"Frequency combines a lemon Danish, cinnamon churro, and buttery “Oreo” pie crust for a unique trifecta of flavor that will tune your taste buds to delicious."
To be completely honest with you when I smelt this one in the bottle I was impressed. I am a big fan of Oreos, but I would say I'm not really a fan of chocolate is that even makes any sense lol. I thought the combination of all these flavor was a little crazy. There was a lot going on in this one which made me a little hesitant to try it. I thought all the flavors worked really well together which was extremely surprising.
The next juice is called Vibration:
The description for this flavor is:
 "You’ll be picking up good vibrations with this triple vanilla custard paired with rich butterscotch Ripple and a perfectly toasted Almond amaretto cream."
I would have to say this is a juice that is more on the plain side. If you are a big fan of vanilla flavored stuff you will really like this one. This tastes just like vanilla and it has hints of the almond amaretto cream. I don't really taste a whole lot of the butterscotch, but it's still there. I really liked this juice and thought it was pretty good.

The last juice we will be taking a closer look at is called Remix
The description for this flavor is:
"Remix stacks a blueberry Belgium waffle with Dutch apples, glazed in a cinnamon brown sugar and topped with hints of Bavarian cream, maple syrup, and whipped cream. This new spin on classic flavors is one mashup you’re sure to love."
Out of all the juices that I received this one was my favorite. This flavor was hands down amazing. It tastes just like the description which is incredible to me. I was truly blown away by this one. This is the perfect juice for the morning because it really tastes just like waffles. You can truly taste every part of this flavor and it's an insane experience.

These have to be probably the best juices that I have used in my vape. They all taste so great, and I love all the combinations of flavors inside one juice. All the descriptions are super accurate and the packing for these are really great as well. If your looking for some juice for your vape I suggest checking them out for yourself.


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