Monday, February 1, 2016

VeroniCandy Review!

Today I have a review for all of you from a shop on Etsy that goes by the name of VeroniCandy. This shop owner is know for selling some awesome "geeky" bows.
She sent me this adorable Marvel Bow and I just absolutely love it. She used some adorable Marvel fabric. and then placed a cute green flower rhinestone in the center of the bow. I love this bow for man reasons, and one of the main reasons is because it's super colorful and bright. This bow would literally go with any outfit you wear which is great. I also like this bow because of the size that it is, its not too big and its not too small either. I have way to many bows and most of them are huge, which does make them a bit difficult to wear at times, but having a smaller bow is way more practical and makes wearing them a lot easier. My favorite time to wear bows is when I go to Disney and I know that this bow will be perfect for one of my Disney adventures. I really cant wait to wear this bow sometime soon.

I love the clip that she attached to the back of this bow. It's one of the basic hair clips, these are my favorite because they are super easy to use and they make putting the bow in and out of your hair super easy to do. This bow is super well made, the clip it placed perfectly on the back of the bow and the bow doesn't feel flimsy, or like it's going to break which is awesome because I sure will be wearing this bow a lot. Her shop is filled with all kinds of adorable bows to choose from. I would like to thank VeroniCandy for sending me this bow to review. I absolutely love it!
 I highly recommend check this shop out for yourself


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