Monday, January 25, 2016

My Bakers Box! Subscription Box Review!

Today I have another subscription box for you all to review. This one is called my bakers box. I never heard about this box before and was super honored  to be chosen to review one for all of you today!

On top of the box at first glance, there are a few pieces of paper information. The first is just a card with the web address of this subscription box and then the other is card that has all of the products listed on it. I choose to leave this one till after. I like to be surprised and see what I get.

Oooh look at all these goodies! I do have to say  I really wasn't expecting to see this many products in this box and was pretty surprised to see this many!

The first thing that is in this box is a little jar of strawberry preservatives. I do have to say I am in love with the packing for this product lol. It's so cute and tiny. This is a 1 oz jar so this is perfect for a small baking project. Especially now when Valentines Day is coming up! This is pretty perfect. This is also a 1 oz jar.

Rainbow sprinkles is up next!!! I think this was the product I got most excited about when I opened up this box! I love how small this container of sprinkles is too! This is perfect for a few small baking projects!

Sprinkles are the perfect finishing touch to any baking project. As you can see from this picture that there are many different colors of sprinkles inside this container which makes these go with pretty much any occasion you are baking for. Lets be honest how many people hate sprinkles? Not many! Lol sprinkles are the best :)

The next product that was in my box was this red icing. This is another product that is going to be perfect for Valentine's Day. I love how the tip for this icing is really small which makes this perfect for making some small details on any baking project you are working out. This was also be perfect for writing small words on anything your baking :)
Also in this box, came a lot of circular cardboard cut outs. Each circle has a whole punched out through the top which is perfect. This are the perfect gift tag to attach to any little good bag of baking good :) I love how they are hole punched too which is really convenient.

Look at this adorable little wisk! I love this, it's so cute and adorable. I also love how this is themed for Valentines Day! I actually love the size of this little wisk. I think its perfect for small baking projects. I could also see this being perfect for small children, when there trying to help bake In the kitchen.

The next thing that was included in this box was two cookie cutters. These cookie cutters are both made out metal so they are very durable. I've had a few cookie cutters in the past and I've realized that only the metal ones are usually the only ones to survive after washing them a few times and using them for baking.

I love how they included two different sizes of the cookie cutters that are the same shape. I am so excited to use these for baking for Valentines Day :) the little one is really cute too!!

The next thing in this box are some paper sticks which I'm sure could be used 1,000 ways. The first way that comes to my mind is cake pops of course. I feel like the way that I will be using these will be for some cookie pops I will be making. Pretty much all that is, is a cookie on a stick which is really adorable.

In this box there was also some small bags which is perfect! I love baking for people as a small gift, and the fact that they included little bags is just awesome! I will definitely be using these to make some of friends Valentines goodies!

I almost missed this at the bottoms of my box, but the last item that is in this box is a little bundle of thread which can be using to hang those little cards on the bags.

Also there is a recipe for some cookies you could make! This recipe also uses the strawberry preservatives that was included in this box, which is really awesome.
I would have to say I'm beyond impressed with this box. I love how everything included in this box was all for one baking project. I cant wait to use all of these products for baking. They really went over and beyond and made sure to include everything you could possibly need to bake with.
Make sure you check them out here and sign up to get your very own Bakers Box! You wont be disappointed and I promise you that!
I also would like to Thank everyone at My Bakers Box for sending me my very own and I hope to work with you guys in the future!

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