Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ThirtyOne! Review!

Today I have some products to review for you from a company by the name of Thirty-One. I am representing Leah Gavin. She decided to send me some products to test out and give my full review on. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand Thirty-One I will just explain by saying that they are the #1 stop for the key to organization! On that note lets get on with the review!

The first item that she sent me is a nail file. I do have to say this one is pretty cute lol. There isn't a lot I can really say about this product, but this does feel like a pretty good nail file, its pretty thick and seems pretty sturdy. I love the pattern on this nail file and think it's really pretty. I always am looking for a nail file so hopefully I don't loose this one, just like what happens with all my other ones..... lol

Next up we have a key fob. This is used to put on your keys to give you a handle so you can hang on to them and put them around your wrist. This is super convent and makes going to stores, and other places much easier if you don't plan on carrying a purse with you. I have seen these in the catalogs and I have always wanted to get one of these! The clip on this key fob is really easy to use. I love the fabric too it feels very sturdy! The color that she sent me for the product is in the color Navy Dancing Dot. I love that name lol it's so adorable.

I saved the best for last with this one! The last product I have to review for all of you is on of their bags that they are really well known for, and that is their large utility tote! When I first seen this in the box that came from Leah I go super excited! I instantly came up with about a million different ways that I plan on using this bag, and now I am excited that I can finally do so!

As you can see the print is this adorable pink, and its got smaller lines running through it. It's very simple and I love it. This print is called Spirit Pink in case you are interested in this print!

I think my favorite thing about this bag is that there is metal frame. It keeps its shape even when it just sitting down, which makes organizing with this box is super easy task to achieve. I'm sure you can tell in this photo that this bag is pretty big and there is a lot of room!

Having a metal frame also make it super easy to collaps and put away until your ready to use it again, this is super helpful if your in a smaller area and your trying to make some more room.

As of right now I plan on using this bag as storage for my trunk. I have a very small trunk due to having a convertible and not having any room lol. I think this is going to be perfect for organizing all my stuff that I carry on a daily basis and holding some stuff that I just keep in my car at all times for emergencies. I think this will make my car look a little more organized. I do have several other ways planned to use this bag. I am truly in love with this bag, it super sturdy and it can truly be used a million ways! I am super impressed with the quality and I would highly recommend this bag to anyone!
If you are interested in getting any of these products or any other amazing Thirty One products then please use the link below and contact Leah, she will help you out with any questions that you might have about these products.
I want to thank Leah personally for sending me this products to test out, I am truly in love with them! You did an amazing job at picking products out that I would love! I really hope to work with you again!

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