Wednesday, January 6, 2016! Review

I received some bath bombs from online store by the name of The Soapie Shoppe
The shop owner sent me a total of three different bath bombs to try which was very nice and generous of them. They did an amazing job at picking the three as well. All of the ones sent to me are actual scents that I would pick for myself, which was great! I don't know about all of you guys, but my favorite way to relax is by having a nice hot bath. I have just discovered bath bombs, and I have tried quite a few different types of them. I hear all the hype about the lush ones, and have yet to try them just because I'm pretty certain you can find something better at a much better price as well.
The first bath bomb that was sent to me to try was this one in the scent Cram Pom. I wasn't able to find this one on their site anymore, but I'm going to guess that the scent is Cranberry Pomegranate. At of all the three bath bombs this one was definitely the one with the most fragrance. I could smell this one over the two others instantly when I opened the package that all of these were inside of. This one is pretty basic as far as colors go. It's all one color, its a light pinkish red color. It is really pretty. The size of these bath bombs is incredible.
Next up we have Land Of Milk And Honey. This one I would say would be the basic bath bomb. This would be a great gift for you to give someone if you didn't know what scent they really like or if they are allergic to certain scents. I wouldn't say this one had a strong scent to it. Actually in my opinion I thought this one didn't really smell at all. Even though this one wasn't packed with any scent I really did like this one as well. This one is more about the looks in my opinion. This bath bomb is all white with some orange in it. When I say orange I mean bright orange. The dye in this one turned my whole tub orange which was amazing. I would definitely recommend this one to someone who loves bath bombs, or even just someone that has never tried them before. I know if you gave this to someone who has never tried them before they would be instantly hooked on how amazing they are.
Last we have my all time favorite Candy Cane, this one is no longer listed on the site as well. Due to this being a seasonal scent, which is super disappointing because I am obsessed with anything that is mint or candy cane scented lol. I have to say this one was the most relaxing in my opinion. I loved using this bath bomb. I can see this one being amazing for when you have a cold, or if you are just congested. This really opens you up and helps you breath a lot better. This bath bomb is all white with tiny flecks of red. This one looked gorgeous in the tub. The red really came out from this bomb.
After trying a few of these bath bombs for myself, I can honestly say these are the best bath bombs I have ever tried yet, and I have tried quite a few to be honest with you. The size alone is incredible. You could easily just use half of one of these for you entire bath if you wanted to save one. Or you can be like me and go big and go home lol and use the entire thing. I would say the fragrance in these bath bombs is pretty powerful. When I say powerful, I mean that in a good way of course. These were super relaxing to use, and I can honestly say that I'm hooked on these. They were all individually wrapped as well, and even came with the name of each one, which is super handy if you decided to order a bunch of these and cant remember which bomb is which. These arrived in perfect condition to my house, which was another thing I was worried about with these. I highly recommended this shop and I truly hope to work with them again in the future.
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