Friday, January 15, 2016

SnorgTees! Review

I received a shirt from an online website by the name of SnorgTees which I have seen all over Facebook recently. I was super honored to be able to review one of there shirts!
Please ignore all the wrinkles in this shirt lol. I took a picture right after opening this up. Please take into consideration that you wont be able to wear the shirt right after opening the package just because they will be wrinkly lol.

As far as this shirt goes I am in love with it! I decided to go with the "I like turtles" shirt because I thought it was cute and funny and also because I do like turtles lol. You cant really tell from these pictures but this shirt is a very light blue color. It's actually really pretty and I do like this color a lot.

The design for this shirt is pretty cute. I was curious to see how this would be printed on the shirt and they do an amazing job at making these shirts let me just tell you

Also note that the shirts that these are printed on are American Apparel the person that I spoke with from SnorgTees warned me that the sizes are smaller then what they usually are. This was a nice thing to tell me just because I probably would have been upset to have ordered this shirt and not have it fit me. I usually wear a size Large in shirts, so I decided to order a size bigger just incase it was small. Let me just tell you these sizes are a lot smaller this XL is even a little tight on me. It's still wearable but I just want you all to know when you order from here please make sure you get a size or even two sizes bigger.
I'd say as far as quality goes these shirts are pretty well made. I know that there are a lot of places that make screen printed tee's and they usually never wash a few washes because the decal will come off or start to peel. In this case that wont happen, there's nothing to peel or rub off. These designs are made into the shirt so need to worry. I love this shirt and have wore it a few times and received so many compliments on it lol. They have a huge assortment of Tee's pretty much something for everyone. I highly recommend this shop and I really hope to work with them again in the future. I just want to thank everyone at SnorgTee's for letting me be apart of the team by reviewing a shirt!
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