Friday, January 15, 2016

Dermstore Review!

I received an awesome product from an online website by the name of

They sent me this gorgeous set of makeup brushes! I love these, they are truly gorgeous and let me just tell you this rose gold is such a beautiful color pictures really don't do this product any justice at all. The brush set they sent me to review comes with 5 different brushes, and it comes in an adorable rose gold case to math the brushes.

Here is a close up all the brushes that are included in this set. As you can see they do a great job at including a really good assortment of these brushes. There are a few face brushes along with some eye brushes as well. I'm not sure you are able to tell in this photo but these brushes are on the shorter side of brushes. I wouldn't call these mini by any means. I do find these to be a little shorter then some other brushes that I own, but I think that these truly are the perfect size.

For this next part of the review I am going to go through each of these brushes and tell you what I have used them for, or If you plan on purchasing these brushes you can get some ideas on what to use them with.

This brush is perfect for pretty much any face product. Power foundation, blush, or even to contour with. I personally used this with my pressed powder and loved it.

Now this brush is probably my favorite out of all the ones in the set just because this is brush that I have never owned before. I used this for two different makeup items. The first time I used this as a concealer brush for under my eyes. The brush brissels on this one are really tight together, so there not as soft so this makes it great for using it with any type of liquid. The 2nd time I used this brush to place eye shadow  under my eyes and it did an amazing job at that.

Next we have a brush that is perfect for concealer this brush is a lot like the one above because the brissels are tight together as well. I used this one for my foundation as well as my concealer. It does a really good job at blending in my makeup.

The next brush is a brush that I think is perfect for eye shadow. I think this is the brush that I have used the most. It's just the the brush that I have in my naked palette and I just love it.

Now we are at the last brush to complete this review. This brush is perfect for blending in eye shadows. I have used this one quite a bit as well, and really like it too.

Here is a close up of one of the brushes. You can see how soft these brushes really are. I am pretty much in love with these. Another great thing about these brushes is that none of the little brush hairs ever fall out. I have a lot of different brushes and a few of mine actually shed a lot which is really annoying, but these are totally different. I am happy to add these to my brushes and finally get rid of some that are way over due. I also love how the brushes are white, it makes it easy to see when their is product on the brush and when you are due to clean them as well.
Usually when cases are a freebie with any type of beauty item its usually really cheapy, and usually not the cutest. I can assure you that isn't the case this time. I actually really love this little makeup bag! It's a really pretty rose gold color. It matches the brushes perfectly and it also fits them all in as well.
Inside the bag is a dark green color and I really like how this case opens and closes. Most cases either have a zipper or even a button but this one is different. This one has a slit cut into the front of the bag where you simple just stick in the bottom of the flap of the bag.

Each purchase from this shop comes with a free sample. They even included one for me for this review which was awesome. This little sample was quite a surprise for me. I didn't think that they would include this but they did which was awesome. The sample that was included with my brush set was an eye cream. It's funny how this was included just because I have been wanting to buy one for a while now. I can now test this one out to see if I like this.

So my final thoughts for these products are highly good! I would say these brushes are pretty nice and especially for the price as well. I can tell these brushes are going to last me a really long time. I don't usually have nice brushes like this but I'm so glad I do now. It's now time to throw out all my old brushes and replace them with these beauties :)
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