Friday, January 15, 2016

CrazyCustomKicks On Etsy! Review!

I received a beautiful hand painted phone case from an Esty shop by the name of CrazyCustomKicks
I spoke to this shop owner about being featured on my blog and she decided she wanted to custom make me a phone case to show off on my blog for all of you. I told her about my love for Disney (of course) and she came up with this idea all on her own. I also told her my favorite characters as well. I was super surprised to see that she was able to include all of my favorites.

Sitting under the castle are my three all time favorite Disney characters. Ariel, Mike and Figment. I can promise you that you will never see a phone case with the three of these characters any where. She even went the extra mile and placed a little turtle on one of the balconies of the castle. Turtles are my favorite animal incase you were wondering. I was super shocked to see this on the castle as well.

Above the castle are some gorgeous fireworks, that look incredible. She even went back and placed a few tiny rhinestones in the fireworks to give it a little bling bling. I think this was probably the perfect touch and super creative to include as well.
My favorite part of this entire case is Cinderella who is waving from the front of the castle.

I'm still in awe over this case. I truly cant believe that this is all hand painted. There are so many small details hidden within this design. I love how this is customized for  me and for me only! Nobody will ever have a phone case like this which is amazing to think about! This shop owner is extremely talented and I can't even say that enough. I gave her just a few things to go off of and she created a true masterpiece. Her shop is filled with tons of products that are just incredible as this. She paints on pretty much anything you could even think of. The possibilities are endless for this shop owner. I am forever grateful and glad I was able to feature this shop owner on my blog. If you are looking for anything customized she's your gal! I have never seen anything quite gorgeous like this case before.
Make sure you check her shop out here:

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