Friday, January 15, 2016

LeaniesLoft On Etsy! Review!

I have a customized wine glass to review today from a shop on etsy by the name of LeaniesLoft
I spoke to this shop owner a while ago about being featured on my blog. My birthday was coming up so she decided to make me a customized wine glass for my birthday. This actually ended up matching my birthday outfit as well which was awesome.

As far as customization goes she designed the entire bottom of the glass with little pieces of things made out of clay and placed them on the glass. The first big thing that she made on this wine glass was my name. I love the way that she designed my name it looks really "flowy" and it looks really cute :)

She also included a little Mickey head on there as well, because we all know how important that little mouse is to me lol.

The last thing she made on this glass was a little cupcake. This was probably my favorite part of the glass I thought it was super adorable and really tiny. I love the way she did the icing on this it looks so real and so cute. This cupcake was actually pretty identical to the cupcake that was on my shirt that I wore on my birthday.

She decorated the bottom of the stem of the glass with some light blue clay and placed some white polka dots on it as well. I think my all time favorite part of this glass has to be that its completely covered in glitter! I am in love with this and how it look, its gorgeous especially when it's in the light. I love the way the glitter catches the light. I used this a lot on my birthday trip  to Disney World. I didn't carry this to the parks but when we were in the hotel I sure used this. I pretty much used this every chance I could get lol. Now I have decided that this is kind of like a memory from my birthday weekend so I plan on using this on my vanity to hold some makeup brushes which I think will make a really adorable decoration piece.
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