Friday, January 15, 2016

Bulu Box! Review! & Coupon Code!

Today I am reviewing a box that I have never heard of before this review. The box is called the Bulu Box and pretty much what it is, a healthy lifestyle box that contains products that help good nutrition!
I'm going to take you all with me as I open up this box for the first time Woo-Hoo! So as soon as I opened the box right on top was a card with my name. This automatically makes me feel special!

Alrighty so inside the card the team at Bulu also decided to give all of you a coupon code for an awesome deal for all of you to try this box out! The code is "WONDERFUL" and by using this coupon code it will give you 50% off of any subscription you choose to get from this company! How awesome is that!?

Oooh look at all the goodies that are inside this box! Alright lets take a look at everything one at a time so we can see what's all inside of this box!

Up first we have Energems. I have never heard of this product but it says it's a clean boost of healthy energy, which is probably something I would like to try! However I am not a huge fan of chocolate so this is probably a no go for me. I may try it just to see if I like it because you really never know!
Look at that we have another one of these. This one is in different flavor, dark mint chocolate. I'm really not a fan of dark chocolate at all but I do like mint. So I have a feeling that I will like this one a little better then the other one. These also contain vitamins B and D.
.....and another one of these lol. These are in berry flavored dark chocolate. These must be pretty good sense they included a few different samples of these. I like how they included three completely different flavors that helps for picky people (like myself lol) now I have a flavor I might like :) I'm super excited to try these out and see if they really go give you a boost of energy. It contains caffeine so it must work! Each one of these packets contains three gems.

Up next we have Clean Lax and Digest which are both dietary supplements. These are powders that you mix into water. I have always wanted to try a product like this out so this is a hit with me! I will be sure to try these out for sure. They are also GMO free!

The next item is something that looks amazing! A protein bar by the Smart for Life. I have tried quite a few protein bars, but I don't think I have ever tried this brand before. This flavor is Low Sugar Caramel Almond. I'm not even going to lie I was going to wait and save this to eat, but right after I took this picture I just had to try it lol. It was sooooo yummy and it had a really good crunch to it! It was really filing as well. I thought this bar was a lot bigger then bars that I normally eat. I will definitely  be checking this brand out and seeing what other flavors they have.

The next thing in this box is few tea samples. I know tea is quite a craze right now so I'm sure everyone is loving getting these in their box this month. I love tea as well. The flavors they included are Vanilla Nut and Dandelion Dark Roast. The vanilla one sounds like something I would like. The Dandelion one however doesn't lol. I will give it a try though just to see! These are by the brand Teeccino which again is a brand I haven't heard of either.
Alright so now we have gotten to the last item that is in my box this month. These are called Pink Ice Energy which are little crystals that you supposedly suppose to sprinkle in your mouth and  they dissolve and will give you energy. It says on the package that it gives you fresh breath which makes me think that this is in a mint flavor which makes me even more excited to try this product sense I have a huge fan of mint things. I always could use more energy so I will for sure be using these ASAP.

This box also contains a few flyers on the different brands that are inside the box along with the description of each product. I am super impressed with this box. All of these products I am super pumped to try out. I love how all of these are brands I have never heard of before. It really is a great deal because you get to try out  so many different products! I really hope to feature this box more often. I am so beyond grateful I was able to review this box for them! All of these products are things I have either wanted to try or stuff that I like so this box was amazing for me!
Make sure you check out their site here and don't forget to use the code "WONDERUL" for 50% off any subscription you choose to get!

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