Monday, January 18, 2016

BoCandy! Subscription Box Review!

I received a box to review from a company by the name of BoCandy which is subscription box that contains candy from all over the world which is pretty cool. I love candy so this was perfect for me to try out lol..

This is the first Candy that I seen I got extremely excited about this one. This is one of those candy kits that are extremely popular right now. This candy kit is a Japanese one. You are given a set of instructions and it tells you how to make the candy which is pretty cool. I literally opened this up as soon as I seen this in the box and just had to try. I really wish I would have taken some pictures of this process but I totally forgot lol.
I will explain it to you though. Inside this package comes a little tray, small ice-cream cones, a pack of powder, and a small spoon. You simply just have to add water to the powder and mix it together and then put it in the cone. It looks just like a little ice-cream cone which was super adorable. The texture of the powder turned to like a whipped consistency when mixed with water which was kind of odd, and I totally wasn't expecting lol. I liked this one a lot, it was super fun to eat and it actually tasted good too! This was a little sour but still it was pretty good.
This next candy is from Japan as well. These are little gummies that are supposed to look like sushi and you stack them on top of each other. I love gummies so I knew this would be a hit with me lol. This packet contains strawberry, lemon and banana flavored gummies. I enjoyed the banana one the most. I thought these were pretty good as well.

Next up we have a caramel wafer biscuit, these are from Scotland. Let me just say if you are a fan of caramel you will love these! These were amazing and I really lucked up when I seen that there were two of these in the box this month! These had vey nice crunch to them but also wasn't too crunchy!
This next bar of chocolate is from Bulgaria! How cool is that?! This is from the brand Nestle which I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with as well. This  was a three layered chocolate bar which was amazing! The top layer is caramel, then a cookie layer, and then a chocolate layer! I have never ever tried a chocolate bar that has cookies in it! I thought this was perfect. I really couldn't eat the whole thing though lol. I did really like it. This is another candy I wish I could find in the U.S
Another chocolate bar from Bulgaria. This one is called "Hyper". This one is another wafer type candy bar. This is pretty much the same as a Kit-Kat bar in America. The only thing that was different about the two is the size difference. The Hyper bar is a lot bigger and contains a few more layers to it. I thought this was amazing as well, and wish I could have finished it but instead it was stolen out of my hands by one of my friends lol.
The last thing in my box was a chocolate covered marshmallow lollipops. I love marshmallow and have tried quite a few of these before in the past, but not this specific brand name. I do have to say that this was probably the best one I have ever tried before. The chocolate was perfect, and the marshmallow was super soft and wasn't too chewy. These went together perfectly.
This box also contains a little piece of paper that lists each of the candy items and which country they are from incase you are interested in what they are. This is also helpful to anyone who as alregies because some of the candies are from countries where they don't speak English which makes it difficult to read the packaging lol.
My final thoughts are threw the roof about this company! I am in love with this subscription box. I think this is perfect for anyone. Everyone has a sweet tooth sometimes. You could easily make this last you a month and just splurge when you are craving something sweet to eat! Honestly what is better then trying different candy from all over the world? Absolutely nothing lol. I can also say that candy from other countries is sooooo much better then candy from America. One tip I have for opening this box is to make sure you do it a lot or you wont have much left for yourself lol.
Make sure you check this site out and subscribe to get your very own Bo Candy box!
I also want to thank the people at Bo Candy for sending me one of these boxes to review I hope to work with you a lot more in the future!

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