Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Angelinos Coffee! Review!

I received some coffee K-cups from an online website by the name of Angelino's
This company sent me one of their variety packs of different coffee's to try out. This box contained a really good assortment of coffee's. It contained  a lot of classic flavors like caramel and vanilla. It also came with some that are pretty standard for coffee, meaning that they don't have any extra flavor, these ones were the Colombian blend and the dark roast blend. My favorite flavors of coffee are the ones that are really strong and flavorful. For me this box contained a lot of those. My all time favorite for this box was the coconut macaroon one. Even just when this was brewing in my coffee machine it smelt amazing. I was instantly in love with the scent for this one. A close 2nd to this one was the maple glaze and this was was very flavorful too. I think my favorite thing about these K-cups is that they aren't super strong, if you like your coffee with creamer and sweeteners this is the coffee for you. I was able to drink most of these without having to add anything to them which was awesome because that never happens for me. Adding creamers, and sugar is something I no longer have to do when using these which is awesome because that saves me a step. Anything that saves me a step in the morning is my favorite lol. Sleep is precious so anything that helps you get more of it I am a fan lol.

I think the coolest thing about this online K-cup store is that they offer a subscription plan. You can customize it with how many K-cups you want, how often you want it delivered, and which coffee's you want! How awesome is that. There prices are sooo great I really don't think you will find them this cheap anywhere. Each K-cup on this site averages out to be .39 cents! That is incredible. Think about if you were to make your own from home oppose to going to Starbucks and getting coffee! You will be saving so much money.

I highly recommend this online store. If you are a big coffee person I highly suggest checking them out for yourselves!

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