Friday, December 4, 2015

SkinGlowsByCeleste On Etsy Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received an item from a shop on Etsy by the name of SkinGlowsByCeleste

The product that was sent to me to review is called a 3 in 1 face cleanser and exfoliator. I was pretty excited when I learned about this coming to review, just for the simple fact that I am a hugeeee fan of exfoliators and I have tried so many of them in the past. I was super excited to be trying a new one, one in fact that is homemade which makes this product even cooler in my opinion. The scent I received is called Oatmeal, Honey and Geranium. From the first whiff I wasn't to satisfied to be honest lol. I like things that are sweet smelling, or that smells like food lol. This doesn't smell awful, it just really isn't something I would go far but that's okay! It's good to try new products and scents to see what you like! The direction for this product is pretty simple, your suppose to use a quarter size amount and massage into your dampened face. For me I found that a quarter size was actually too much for me, so I only used about the size of a nickle. I used this for the first time as soon as I go out of the shower and washed my face with it. I instantly felt refreshed, clean and soft too!


Usually when I get out of the shower I wash my face with some type of product and immediately I have to put one some moisturizer on my face, sense I have really dry skin, especially now that the weather is getting a little cooler where I live. With using this product I didn't even have to grab my moisturizer, which was amazing! This is probably the only product I have ever used that has not dried my skin out, which was great. This saved me a step in my skin routine which is the best feeling ever lol, I love being able to be a bit lazy! This makes it so much easier, and saves me a little time when is needed. I have had this product for a while and have used it quite a lot sense the first time I have tried it out, and every time I use it I fall in love with this product. I love the texture of this product, as you can see from the picture below it looks like it is pretty gritty, and it is. It's not too gritty thought, it's not to rough on your skin which is good. This is pretty much the perfect consistency.

I think the best part of this product is that it comes with a little spoon! This is just a simple thing but it really does make so much of a difference. I hate using products and getting all messy, and now I wont have to which is going to be really nice, and I'm sure I will probably end up using is more often just  because of the spoon actually. It is really cute as well lol, it's the perfect size for a product like this this because you don't need to use a lot in the first place anyways.

These are the benefits of this product:

*Organic Oatmeal, Raw Local Honey & Geranium
*Gentle Exfoliator
*Improves Skin Tone
*Anti Aging
*No Toxic Ingredients or Preservatives
*Skin Brightener
*Retains Moisture
*Removes Makeup/Cleans Pores
*Fades Dark Spots
*Improves Circulation
*Calms Redness & Irritated Skin

I would highly recommend this shop. This shop isn't like most homemade beauty products. She really puts a lot of time and effort into creating different products for her customers and it really shows. Even her packaging is really nice and neat, the labels on her containers are waterproof as well. This shop just goes above and beyond to make sure her customers are happy, and I can proudly say that I am one happy customer!

This would make a great gift for practically anyone, you could purchase a few of these products and make a super nice gift basket which would be a great gift. I know I have only tried this one product from this shop, but I'm almost certain I would feel the same about the other products in her shop.

Make sure you check her shop out here:

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