Tuesday, December 1, 2015

OnceUponABowtiqueUK On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide! Review!

I have so many great bows to review for all of you today from a shop called OnceUponABowtique.
The first bow I have to review for all of you today is this Little Mermaid inspired one. I have seen a lot of pretty similar bows to this one, but not one quite like this. I love the size of this one. It's not to big and not to small, so this bow is super easy to wear which is nice. She did an amazing job at including the perfect colors for this bow. The green represents her tail, the purple for her clam bra, and the red of course is for her hair! She even placed a small fork on the bow for the perfect finishing touch or should I say a Dinglehopper lol. This bow is so adorable I love it.
Next up we have a Buzz Light-year inspired bow from the Disney classic Toy Story. I am amazed by the amount of detail she included in this bow. She made the bow out of green, purple and white. The perfect colors to represent his outfit which is pretty cool. For the perfect finishing touch she included some glitz and glam! To make the buttons! They are so spot on to the real thing it is incredible. It looks just like him!

Next we have two identical bows, and these are a different style of bow. These are a lot smaller then the 2 previous ones I have reviewed and these are actually attached to small hair elastics. I love how she makes these kinds as well, because these are going to be perfect for when I just want to put my hair up. These are going to make it easier! The design of these two are Marie from the Aristocats, she is one my favorites! I can so picture these being at the end of some little girls pig tails, I think it would be adorable!

This is a smaller bow, and this one is one a small hair clip. This is actually the same sized bow as the Marie ones, but instead it is on a hair clip. The design for this one is Palace pets, which I'm sure most of you have heard of before. In case you haven't its just the Disney princesses that have their own adorable little pets. I love the colors in this tiny bow, this is going to go perfect with a lot of my Disney outfits.
Next we have a Lion King bow on a hair elastic. I love this one. This is the perfect bow for me, just because this is the type of hair elastic that I typically use in my hair. I normally need a thicker band, sense I have so much hair, and this one just has the perfect pizazz to show off my Disney spirit. I love how this bow is mostly made up of the color orange. I don't typically wear orange so it's nice to have some extra variety to add to my bow collection :)
Next we have probably my favorite bow that she sent! This one is inspired by Simba from The Lion King. This is probably the most adorable bow I have ever seen! It has an adorable little tail lol and I am obsessed lol. I think this shows the shop owners creativity for sure. I have seen several Lion king bows, and actually several Simba bows as well, but I can honestly say I have not seen one like this before. I am so excited to wear this one!
This Mickey inspired bow is up next! The colors in this one are black and red with small accents of white and yellow. I think the colors are spot on. She did a great job at capturing Mickey mouse and creating it in a bow. I love how she placed 2 small buttons on this bow, one of each side. These look just like the buttons he has on his pants!

Next up we have a Frozen inspired bow. The fabric of this bow is an adorable print of Anna, and I love it! This is another one that is pretty simple to wear. It's attached to thicker hair elastic. I'm actually planning on gifting this one, to the little girl that I babysit for. She is obsessed with Anna so I'm sure she is going to love this one.

This Dumbo one is up next! This is another one that is pretty basic bow. This one is attached to a really thin hair elastic. I am sooooo beyond excited to wear this one lol. I have a huge Dumbo fan and to de honest all of the bow I have found that are Dumbo I am no usually a fan of, but this one I really enjoy! I love the colors in this one. I typically wear lighter color clothes so this is going to be perfect!

For the grand finale we have a Frozen bow that is gorgeous! This one is a totally different style from the others I have reviewed. This one is gorgeous, and you can tell how much work she put into creating this bow. This bow has several different prints of ribbons and they all go together beautifully. In the center of the bow is bottle cap styled pendant with the Frozen logo. The next layer is ribbon with toddler versions of Anna and Elsa and its adorable. As accents in this bow she included fabrics with the color scheme of blue. There is plain blue ribbon in this bow, along with snowflake fabric, and striped blue ribbon as well. All of these ribbons go so perfectly together its beautiful. This bow really does look like a winter wonderland and I cant wait to wear this around Christmas time this is going to be perfect.

I am so incredibly grateful for this shown owner to send me these amazing bows to review for all of you! She is incredibly talented and these are by far the best bows that I have reviewed here on my blog. She does an amazing job with each bow that she creates. I love how she creates such a huge variety of different styles and also different Disney characters.
I highly recommend this shop and really suggest checking it out, I promise you wont be disappointed.
These would be great gifts for any Disney Lover :)

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