Tuesday, December 1, 2015

LuDesignsCreations On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!


I received two different jewelry items from a shop on Etsy by the name of LuDesignsCreations

The first item that this shop owner sent me to review is a necklace. A very long necklace at that as well lol. This necklace is gorgeous, it has a turtle pendant on it, and I'm obsessed! Turtles are my favorite so this necklace was an instant hit with me! Lol.
The pendant on this necklace is gorgeous! as you can tell from this picture you can see there is a lot of details in this little guy. There are some pretty cool cutouts all through out the turtle which makes it pretty gorgeous. I love how much detail is in this for sure. As far as the pendant goes, this is a pretty solid and sturdy piece. I'm not even going to lie, it is a bit heavy, but its not something that is going to be too annoying to wear. I think this it like the perfect weight not too heavy and not too light either which is great.

As far as the chain goes, you can tell from this picture that this is a pretty thick chain. This is something new for my considering all my necklaces that I do own have pretty thin chains, so I was excited to see something a little different for me to try out. One plus about having a chain as thick as this one is that you really don't have to worry about it getting all tangled up, which is awesome. I'm constantly fixing all the necklace chains, because I'm notorious for getting them all tangled up together, which is a bit annoying lol.

The next item I have to review for all of you, is a ring. This ring is advertised as being a midi/ knuckle ring, but when I first opened this I didn't know that lol. It actually fits me pretty perfectly as just a regular ring. I'm not really a fan of this style of ring, but when I wear it like a normal ring I really like it. I'm not a huge fan of rings all together, just because they always get in my way and I always end up taking them off because they get uncomfortable. That wasn't the case with this ring however. I usually only wear my class ring which I haven't taken off probably sense I have graduated highschool lol. I decided to switch it up a little and wear this ring for a full day and see how I would like it!

I really liked wearing this ring. The design is pretty simple, which makes this jewelry piece easy to wear with pretty much anything. I wore this throughout my entire day, and I will say that this is an incredibly comfortable jewelry piece I was actually quite surprised to be honest. I didn't even hesitate to take this off through out my day, and it stayed in place the entire time and didn't bother me at all, which is really surprising for me. This is pretty much a prefect ring, not too heavy and not too light. This ring feels like something I'm going to have for quite some time, and I cant wait to wear it some more. I'm so glad I have this now to add to my jewelry collection :)
Overall I'm highly impressed with these jewelry items. They are high quality pieces and really affordable as well.
These would be great gifts for any jewelry lover! This shop has a wide selection too which will make it easy to find the perfect gift :)
Make sure you check this shop out here:

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