Wednesday, December 2, 2015

JewelsForHope On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review!

I received a gorgeous bracelet from a shop on Etsy by the name of Jewels For Hope!
The bracelet that this shop has sent me to review is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't find the exact link to the same identical bracelet that they sent me, but I included the link for the closest one. The link below is for the same style, the only thing that is different is the color of the beads. The one I received has almost like a purple and green shine to it, as far as the one listed below it is just plain black. Either way both of these bracelets are gorgeous, and personally I would wear both of them.
As you can see from this picture it shines beautifully in the light. At first glance this bracelet just looks like it would be black, but when you take this into the sunshine you will see the true beauty. I love how the colors really pop. It shines with gorgeous shades of pink, purple, and green. I know its hard to see in this picture but it really is gorgeous in person. The actual cord itself is made out of leather which is pretty cool, that makes this pretty durable. I also like how this piece is pretty unisex as well.

My favorite thing about this bracelet is the closure on it. It is so simple! It's just a simple button, and button loop, which makes this really easy to put on and take off. I also have a hard time with putting bracelets on and off, but I know for a fact I wont have that problem with this one which is awesome. I love the simplicity of this bracelet. I'm the type of person who likes to stack bracelets on the daily, so this is going to be perfect for me. The color as well also makes this really easy to wear. This will go with pretty much any outfit, its simple but pretty which is pretty hard to find.

Overall I'm super impressed with the quality of this bracelet. I think this is going to be a bracelet I will have for a very long time. I will for sure be getting a lot of use out of it and that's for sure!
I think these pieces of jewelry would be a great gift for anyone really, they have a huge selection and they all are at great prices as well which is really nice :)
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