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Custom Cookies By Gigi Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Today on my blog I have something that I have never had the chance to review yet, so this is pretty exciting for me! I have some delicious treats from a shop by the name of
She sent me some amazing goodies to try out and I am so beyond grateful and excited to share my review on each one with you!

How I am going to go on with this review, is I am going to go through each different treats and share my reviews on each of them. Up first we have three chocolate covered pretzel rods! She decorated these for the Fall/Thanksgiving time and they are adorable. These are your basic pretzel rods, and she covered them with chocolate. When I mean covered I really mean that too lol. These have so much chocolate on them, its crazy lol. The first one is covered in orange, yellow, and brown sprinkles. The pretzel rod in the center is covered with some super cute and festive fall leaf sprinkles. The last one is decorated with three pieces of candy corn. She did a really good job at decorating these, and packaging them up really nice too. Each pretzel rod is individually packaged, and has a bow at the end of each bag.

As you can see from the picture below these are pretty big in size. To be 100% honest I am not a huge chocolate fan, but I was actually really excited to try these the most. The chocolate that is covered on these is soooooo delicious. It's not super rich and it's just the perfect milk chocolate. This is the perfect example of salty and sweet. I really enjoyed these, and thought they really hit the spot. This is a good treat to snack on. I was surprised on how filling these were, I cant imagine anyone eating more then one of these lol.

Next up we have some cookie pops! Yep that's right a Cookie pop! I have never seen anything quite like this before so I was excited to try these out as well. Pretty much all these are, is a dipped oreo cookie with some little decorations, on a little stick! How clever! Oreo cookies are my favorite so for me this was a hit from first glance lol.

The one I decided to try was the one with the sprinkles on it. It looks gorgeous out of the packaging, I love how she chose these sprinkles, they look so good placed on top on the chocolate and adds a little bit of pizazz.
I took a bite out of it, and this is what it looks like in the center, I was surprised to se that there's actually some chocolate in the center as well. That was a pretty nice surprise lol. I thought these were amazing, so good that they were dangerous lol. This is the treat me and boyfriend fought over the most lol. We both thought they were amazing! I was so surprised with how well these were held together, these stayed on the sticks pretty good which was a surprise. I just imagined a treat like this was going to be a huge mess, but I was totally wrong.

She also included a small bag of smaller cookies with some candy corn inside as well. These little cookies were the perfect little treat. These were the cookies that are pretty popular, with the Hershey kiss on the top of them. This is also a treat I have seen all over online, but yet haven't had the chance to try yet....until now. These were perfect, they were sweet but not too sweet! I thought these were pretty good, and I also love how she packaged these in a little bag all by themselves, they almost look like a small goodie bag, which is adorable.

Up next we have a candy apple. Now this is the only treat that I didn't get to try, just because these are my Mom's favorite, so I let her do the honors on this one and try it for herself. This is an apple covered in milk chocolate and covered in small M&M's this had so much chocolate on it! Definitely if you are a huge chocolate lover you will for sure love this.
As you can tell from this picture this is a massive treat lol. The M&m's are over the entire apple, even on the bottom as well, which was crazy to see. My mom loved this and said it was great as well. She ate on this for a very long time, and just occasionally would have a bite or 2 every day or so. She kept this in our fridge and it stayed in pretty much perfect shape which was pretty cool.
This box also came with 10 chocolate chip cookies! I was so glad to see these in the box, just because you can never go wrong with cookies! Everyone loves cookies, and I know that I do lol. These were packaged really cute, and pretty nice as well. They were packaged all by themselves, stacked on top of each other. There was a ribbon that was tied to the bag as well. These arrived perfect as well! Not even a small crack in any of the cookies either!
So here's what the cookies look like out of the package. They just look like your basic chocolate chip cookies. These were soo good too! This was the perfect texture for a cookie too. I'm not a huge fan of soft cookies, and I know some people are, and I'm not a fan of super crunchy/hard cookies. These were little right in the middle. The outside had a little bit of a crunch to them, and the center was super soft. Let's just say these were a hit in my house hold and they didn't really stand a chance lol. These were eaten pretty much as soon as they were even opened.  If you do decide to purchase some cookies from her, here's a fun little tip. I placed one cookie in the microwave for 5 second before eating it, and it was amazing! The chocolate was a little melted, and it was soooo good. My mouth is watering thinking about it all over again lol.

Now if anyone was really paying attention you may have seen this little guy in the top picture. I actually lost my picture of this so I had to ask the shop owner for one of hers, so here it is! This is a little turkey made out of all kinds of treats! The base is an Oreo cookie, and the turkey itself is made out of small Reese's cups, candy corn, and sprinkles. I have seen this all over Pintrest and other online blogs, and found it super adorable and pretty creative. When I seen this in the box I was super excited to see it! 1. Because I will never be able to make something like this and 2. I wanted to try all the candy of course. Let me also tell you that this arrived in perfect condition! I was super surprised with how well this held up with being shipped to me. This was really tasty, and had lots of good flavors in it. Personally I think this kind of treat makes for the perfect decoration, and it's something you could eat as well! Which is just awesome, literally what else could you even ask for!


I am so impressed with the quality of all these yummy treats that I received. Everything was packaged amazing, and everything looked so great. I was surprised that everything arrived perfect nothing came broken or anything. This shop owner is extremely talented and knows how to make some amazing food and that's for sure! She makes so many great things, and the possibilities are truly endless she can make anything!, and makes them in any color scheme that you are looking for. If you have a party coming up and need some delicious sweets, this is the shop you need to contact!
Everything that came in this box was literally amazing. I have never had so many sweets in all my life, and I did it all for you guys lol. I have no regrets with eating all this either lol so I want to say Thank you to the shop owner for sending me all these amazing treats.
Stay tuned to more blogs coming with more of this amazing food. I'm pleased to announce that this shop will be featured every so often with her newest creations!
Make sure you check out this amazing shop here!

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