Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WhimsyWillowCreations.com Holiday Gift Guide Review!

Whimsy Willow Creations
I received a personalized ornament from a shop by the name of WhimsyWillowCreations
If you guys know me so well, you will know that this had to be something Disney lol. I went with one of their ornaments with a quote from one of my favorite Disney movies, Frozen. The quote is "Some people are worth melting for". I found this quote to be probably the most fitting for this snowman ornament. The decals for this are made out of vinyl. They are placed perfectly, and at first glance you would really think that these are painted on, but there not lol.
This shop also offers to personalize any ornament that you purchase through their shop, which is probably one of my favorite parts about this shop. As far as my personalization goes I went with my boyfriend and I's name : Clinton & Dani, they also were able to include the date which is pretty cool. Most places that you go for personalized ornaments your stuck with only being able to only pick names or a date, so it was nice to be able to have both this time :)
Inside the ornament are small pieces that make up a snow man :) there is 5 small pieces of "coal" two for his eyes, and three for his buttons. There is also a carrot used  for his nose. All these pieces are sitting on and around this little pieces that look exactly like sparkling snow. They did an amazing job at creating this, it truly does look like snow, and the small pieces that were added for parts of the snowman are the perfect touch.
I'm a sucker for Christmas ornaments just because there filled with so many memories, and they bring back those memories each year when you place them back on your Christmas tree. I think this was the perfect ornament for me because this year one of my favorite attractions at Disney world was the Frozen Fever show at Hollywood Studios, and that's probably one of my favorite memories from this year with my boyfriend, dragging him to that show every time lol.
These are super high quality ornaments and I can assure you that these will last you a long time. This would be a great gift for pretty much anyone, just because you can personalize them for anyone.
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