Thursday, November 12, 2015

MacyBabyQ18 On Ebay! Holiday Gift Guide!

I received this amazing case to review from a shop on eBay by the name of MacyBabyQ18
She made me this gorgeous deoden cabochon case that I am in love with! To be quite honest this is the shop that started it all with making me fall in love with cases like this! I ordered one from her a few months ago and I loved that one so much. I decided it was time for some change so she created this masterpiece for me, and I am loving it! This is probably my "girlyest" case that I own and I just love it lol. It definitely a case that is one of a kind and will grab a whole lot of attention and that's for sure lol. As soon as I put this one my phone, I instantly received lots of compliments and questions on where I got it lol.
As far as the pieces go, as you can see there is a whole lot going on.  There is a lot of cute little foods like lollipop, icecream cone and cupcakes. There is lots of glitz and glam on this case. I love how the glue that she used to place all these pieces down is pink as well, so it goes really well with the pink theme to this case. In all the empty space that there isn't a big cabochon, she placed smaller pieces like small rhinestones, and pearls. She did a fantastic job at covering this entire case.
I think my favorite part of this whole case has got to be this adorable Barbie shoes! I am in love with these and I think these are the perfect touch to this case. I love how she put these one. In fact these are real Barbie shoes!, which is beyond creative and really makes this case one of a kind.

As you can see from the side, this case has got some serious dimension to it. This is pretty heavy case but it really is held together nicely. Nothing is going to fall off of this bad boy, and I really mean that for sure. I have dropped this a few times, and to my surprise nothing bad has happened to it.
This is a picture of the actual case that she used to make this gorgeous case on. As you can see its just your normal plain IPhone 6 plus case. I really do like how she chose to make this on a light pink case, it add's to the perfect pink theme to this case.
Overall I'm impressed with the quality of this case, like I mentioned before this is my 2nd case from this shop and it's gorgeous just like my last one. This shop owner has got some serious talent and does such an amazing job at creating cases it's pretty insane. I'm so beyond happy with this case and I know for a fact I am going to get a ton of use out of it.
This case would be great for any girly girl, but she makes such a wide range you could find the perfect phone case for anyone in this shop!
Make sure you check this shop out here:

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