Friday, November 6, 2015

TheLadiesCrafty On Etsy! Holiday Gift Guide Review

I got this amazing hand painted box from a shop on Etsy by the name of TheLadiesCrafty
She sent me this gorgeous hand painted little box, that was inspired by The Little Mermaid. She knows about my love for Disney, so she asked me  my favorite character. She told me she would paint something with her own special little twist to it, so she created this. She called this her Pinup version of the Little Mermaid. I'm blown away by the creativity she has. I would have never expected her to come up with something this unique and gorgeous. After she told me her idea for this box I got really excited lol. She decided to keep this a surprise, and I didn't see it until it arrived.
I'm glad she kept it a surprise, because I really was surprised when I seen it. I am amazed by her skills in paining. This is gorgeous and I love it. I love how she didn't include any facial features on Ariel's face (eyes, nose, ect) It really add a lot to this painting and makes it a little more unique. This box is pretty tiny, so it's pretty crazy how she was able to paint such a detailed image in such a small space, but she did a incredible job and that's for sure. This little box makes me think of a little treasure chest which is pretty adorable if you ask me. She even went the extra mile and painted all the sides a light blue which matches nicely. Inside she put some piece of paper for a lining, which I thought was pretty cool as well. The paper matches really well with painted sides on the box too.

This is the back of the box. I love how she wrote her shop name on it so I wont ever forget where it came from :) I would have to say I'm super impressed with the quality of this. She did an amazing job with painting this, it's so hard to believe she did this all by herself. She is extremely talented and I'm sure the possibilities are truly endless with this artist.
This would make a great gift for really anyone, there is so many uses for these small box. For example, I plan on using this box to store some of my studded earrings, and it is perfect for that.
Make sure you check her shop out here:

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